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It’s the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. With more than one hundred and fifty million members in over two hundred countries. Linkedin’s social media website has become the place where professionals go to find jobs, connect and get answers. Socially Savvy Seminar in Plano hosted over three hundred business professionals who came to hear from Linkedin Co-Founder Eric Ly.

“We’re certainly very pleased by all of the people who have joined and really the positive impacts it’s made on people’s professional lives,” said Ly.

“Being in the industry right now and performing these types of tasks for my job it was a great quick starter for me,” said Brandon Foster who attended the seminar.

Ly spoke on how networking through social media can give you an edge in developing your professional career.

“It was really nice to have someone like that up close and personal,” said attendee Stephanie Ward.

A simple connection making a world of a difference.

Watch the video in HD above produced by our News Without The Blues team – the only news team in Texas that only reports on positive news! The video was reported by Journalist Candice Benjamin and shot by Videographer Chris Ghanbari.

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