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DCC workout dvd 530x350

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are releasing their new workout DVDs nationwide tomorrow.

“The DVDs are awesome because they actually feature things that we really do to stay in shape,” said Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Ally Traylor. “First and foremost we’re mainly a dance team. We dance all the way throughout the game. There are 3 different types of workout. You have everything from a calorie blasting dance cardio workout and you got a hard body bootcamp. You also got a body slimming yoga.”

Along with exercise the cheerleaders stay fit by keeping healthy snacks at their finger tips.

“Our best friend are those individual packets of tuna and almonds,” said Traylor. “We cannot get enough almonds. There are almonds all over our locker room. We always have huge bags of apples.”

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders director Kelli Finglass’s office has become emphasis for the room where the cheerleaders get cut from the team during the women’s training camp.

“It’s maybe uncomfortable for me that my office has now become kind of the dooms day for many of them but there’s also a lot of good things that happen in that office to.”

Finglass says good health habits is a main focus for the organization.

“They don’t focus on diet, starvation or skinny,” said Finglass. “They focus on burning calories, cardio, strength, flexibility and conditioning. If somebody does the workout over and over they’ll actually know some of our choreography and recognize some of it on the field.”

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders workout DVDs hit shelves on October 6th nationwide.

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5 Responses to “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders reveal their fitness secrets [HD]”

  1. E. Rafael Says:

    Great story!! and nice moves Candice ;-) …keep up the good work and interesting stories…you all are doing a awesome job!

  2. Kelli Wilson Says:

    Working out DCC style is so much fun! I love, love, love all of these dvd’s!! :)

  3. Angie in Dallas Says:

    Great write-up! Thanks for the info.

  4. Buble Boy Says:

    i don’t like this

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