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New way to lose weight [HD]

Kimber Westphall
New way to lose weight [HD]

Fad diets, weight loss gimmicks and fitness challenges clutter the advertising airwaves all promising to provide positive results. The problem experts say is finding a regimen to adhere to. The team behind a new program called ViSalus Body by Vi™ claims it has a solution to the weight loss dilemma.

“Two thirds of Americans are overweight right now,” said Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola. “Forty percent are clinically obese and not a lot of solutions for the average person so we want to provide something for the average person.”

Along with reported weight loss results the Body By Vi Challenge offers online and offline support tools in addition to supplements to help consumers reportedly achieve their fitness goals. The actual product Vi-Shape™ Nutritional Shake Mix is designed, creators say, to help burn fat and create lean muscle.

“There’s vitamins,” said former fitness competitor Jenny Lynn. “There’s antioxidants. There’s essential fatty acids, appetite suppressants, energy drinks and a natural fat burner. It’s a whole package you take either one shake or two shakes a day. Anyone can take it.”

Patented by a team of scientists, the Body by Vi Challenge team says it is confident the product is part of the most effective weight loss program on the market.

“We’re a pharmaceutical grade supplement and it’s the highest grade supplement you can get,” said Sarnicola.

Former NFL football player, Matt Lehr, is also a Co-Founder for the supplement.

“I became very interested in the product,” said Matt Lehr. “I love training people. I love watching people change and this is one way for me to do that.”

A deterrent for many individuals taking weight loss supplements is the taste. One thing the creators of the Body by Vi Challenge wanted to ensure was a high quality taste in the product.

“When folks are in a situation where they need to lose weight, a lot of times they’ll avoid what they are supposed to consume because it doesn’t taste very good,” said Sarnicola.

With a taste that is delicious and a handful of natural ingredients, the Body by Vi Challenge is attracting consumers and believers in the product.

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Kimber Westphall

This story was reported by: Kimber Westphall (19 Videos)

Kimber Westphall is a journalist with the Midwest gal charm. She grew up in Wichita, Kansas where she honed her journalism skills from an early age, always on a quest for that breaking story. When attending the University of Kansas, Kimber put her design skills to the test, spending many late nights in the newsroom as The Universtiy Daily Kansan’s Design Chief. Kimber was a member of the KUJH-TV news staff, both in front of and behind the camera. She started out as a stage manager and audio operator, eventually being promoted to Host and Web Producer of Jayhawks Sports Talk. Through out her Journalistic endeavors, Kimber completed freelance assignments for The Wichita Business Journal and Splurge! Magazine; both Wichita, KS publications. Then, Kimber was offered an assignment she couldn’t pass up. This assignment involved her passport as she traveled on an international press conference to London, representing Adjourn Magazine, based out of Los Angeles. Kimber now works for an advertising agency in Dallas, TX in the Creative Department. Kimber’s main focus is on designing print and web materials. When she is not hitting hard advertising deadlines, she is teaching fitness classes at LA Fitness. In conjunction with teaching five days a week, Kimber recently completed the Washington D.C. Marathon. Kimber is documenting all her fitness adventures, from flying trapeze lessons to Zumba classes on her column, “Blogging Fitness with Kimberly Westphall” on the site midwestsportsfans.com.


24 Responses to “New way to lose weight [HD]”

  1. Cameron Says:

    I’m inspired to learn more about this and get in shape! Great report Kimber!

  2. Liza Says:

    This is an amazing company that is full of life and people that have the heart to change America!..I have lost a total of 110lbs…and 117in..over the last 7 yrs,,and when I got introduced to Visalus and the Body By Vi challenge my life completely changed. I feel like a million bucks all the time and am getting fitter and healthier everyday! I have lost 12 more lbs and 6% bodyfat since joining the challenge in June 2010!

  3. vashia Says:

    This is an absolutely GREAT product and GREAT company to work with!!! I am so excited to have found this company and wouldn’t mind helping you get started Cameron – www . TheViSalusWay . com

  4. Really? Says:

    This is your idea of “reporting” on a fad diet product?! This is nothing but an advertisement! Did you get a free sample or something?? How about telling us more than just how wonderful they say it is and that it tastes good. Does it work? Is it safe? Is it cost effective? Are you actually a journalist??

  5. John Arnold Says:

    How can I get a copy of this video/report so I can show my prospective customers?

  6. YEP, Really! Says:

    Yes, it works – Yes, it’s safe – Yes, it’s cost effective!!! To Kimber, I say, congrats on all your endeavors and nicely done! =]
    Documented information can be found at http://spirit.myvi.net.

  7. Edith Rendall Says:

    Is this safe while taking certain medications for breast cancer?

  8. Kathy Browning Says:

    Yes this product is so safe that it is being given to children as a meal replacement.You can email me at vshapedme@gmail.com if you have anymore questions.

    I love Visalus and there products so far 27 lbs down and 18 inches…..

  9. Tiffany Benning Says:

    I have lost 22 pounds with the Body by Vi challenge. My kids love it! I look forward to my shake every morning. It saves me money and I know my family is getting the nutrition they need for a healthy life.
    Thank you Visalus!

  10. Bruce Says:

    One year now on the products and am down 50+ pounds and have gained 5+ pounds of muscle! I love the shakes and they are extremely cost effective. Less than $2.00 per shake! Also, high quality ingredients and less than a gram of sugar. The best I have ever had!

  11. Unsure Says:

    What about the sweetener being Sucralose? There are pretty conflicting reports about sucralose. Seems like it would be better if it used stevia.

  12. Really? Says:

    Wow… data from the company that its product is wonderful. That’s real convincing! I’ve never seen a diet company do that before. Oh, and people involved in the pyramid scheme to sell it who say it’s fantastic. I’m sure it must be true then. And since anyone can anonymously post a comment… I don’t particularly trust these “testimonies” either. anything can be faked online. I want to see independent research.

    @Unsure – talk to your doctor about sucralose and how it can affect you, any medications you take, and any conditions you have. don’t trust the business making money off of it.

    @Edith – same thing. talk to your doctor!! don’t email someone selling this product and expect an unbiased opinion.

    don’t take a “supplement” without talking to a TRUSTED doctor or nutritionist. Any “news” article that doesn’t advise at least that much is an embarrassment to the industry.

  13. Really? Says:

    For an example of what I mean about not trusting these products:


    An independent lab tested DHEA supplements… my favorite part of the article:

    “We don’t release the names of the failures we find — when we do we get hit with so much litigation,” Tod Cooperman, MD, president of CL, tells WebMD. “We can say that the one with least DHEA says on the bottle ‘pharmaceutical quality’ and it says it is ‘produced and packaged in OTC approved facility.’ So if people see those statements on a bottle they should be alarmed.

  14. Kim Says:

    Ok I have seen some of the remarks here, and I’ll must say that Visalus was featured in Success from Home mag in Sept 2010 and have been asked to do another in Jan 2011 so we must be doing somethng right. I hear the stories of people who have great success with these products. The fastest growing company and the #1 wellness company & not to mention a nearly Billion Dollar company, I believe we know what we have in Patented Products and have helped people lose 2.5 million lbs in 13 month. I LOve Bodybyvi

  15. Wade Says:


    Please do take the shakes to your doctor and ask there input, everyone I put on the product I tell them to do this if they have any questions. Being these products and the Science behind them and reasearch is federally funded must mean something and being safe for a 4-12 year old kids speaks volumes. Sucralose is used in many products in the US and FDA approved while it has no reported affects on record to have any adverse conditions. On the other hand Stevia is not approved from the FDA and is allowed in some diet shakes because they are not regulated by the FDA. I had that same question myself and done some online reasearch because I wanted to know what I was taking and recommending to other folks. I am down 39lbs since 23 April.
    @ Edith Leave you number on my site if you have any questions. vhsapedme.com

  16. Wade Says:

    Sorry Edith it vshapedme.com

    sorry for the typo!

  17. Kim Says:

    @ Really, Data research from brunswick says what we have been saying. NOW Thats Data. Take it to your doc, he’ll take the products with you.

    Besides supplements, everybody should be taken them according to the Dr, that formulaed these products. Our deits just don’t get what the body needs Period.


    Contact me f you have any questions qualityliving19@gmail.com

  18. Robert Says:

    Wade, I hate to disagree but there are many studies on the negative effects of Sucralose. I for one am highly allergic to the substance. This is an excerpt from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website.

    Safety Concerns

    Few human studies of safety have been published on sucralose. One small study of diabetic patients using the sweetener showed a statistically significant increase in glycosylated hemoglobin (Hba1C), which is a marker of long-term blood glucose levels and is used to assess glycemic control in diabetic patients. According to the FDA, “increases in glycosolation in hemoglobin imply lessening of control of diabetes.

    Research in animals has shown that sucralose can cause many problems in rats, mice, and rabbits, such as:

    * Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40% shrinkage)
    * Enlarged liver and kidneys.
    * Atrophy of lymph follicles in the spleen and thymus
    * Increased cecal weight
    * Reduced growth rate
    * Decreased red blood cell count
    * Hyperplasia of the pelvis
    * Extension of the pregnancy period
    * Aborted pregnancy
    * Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights
    * Diarrhea

    When you look at what is happening with anything that the FDA puts it’s approval on, it’s hard to believe that anyone would want to use the FDA for any endorsement

  19. Robert Says:

    And here is more information that is taken from the FDA themselves

    The FDA acknowledges that sucralose “is produced at an approximate purity of 98%.” While that may sound pretty pure, just what is in that other 2%? It turns out that the final sucralose product contains small amounts of potentially dangerous substances such as:

    * Heavy Metals (e.g., Lead)
    * Arsenic
    * Triphenilphosphine Oxide
    * Methanol
    * Chlorinated Disaccharides
    * Chlorinated Monosaccharide

  20. Intrested Says:

    Will the 2% have long term affects on people? Will This affect people that suffer from Anxiety? As you know people with Anxiety can not have to much Caffeine….. I ask these questions….do to the fact that so many people out there are worried about everything and most people have stress in they’re lives………

  21. Janet Says:

    The one thing that no one is mentioning is that you can never fo off of it. The first time you do, it will make you gain weight so stinking fast. I could see taking it if I could take it for a little while and lose the weight. My trainers say it is a meal replacement and you are starving yourself. I wouldnt buy it.

  22. Krista Says:

    Pharmacuetical grade is the WORST grade of supplementation on the market. That means it is made in a lab and from rocks (chelates). REAL FOOD supplements is THE #1 best choice for food form vitamin/mineral, phytochemical, glyconutrient. Only one company has these and its NOT Visalus. Visalus has sucralose in its shake and if you read any of the science journals out there, sucralose is a toxic poison and is resposible for tumors and bladder infections. Sorry, but Visalus is a mee-too product that can be copied by buying a cheaper version at Costco. If your going to put it out there, then know that it will be challenged because this product is not only NOT great, but it is bad for your health. One would HAVE to be in it for the money only. My intention is not to be mean but to educate the masses on the hype around these new companies coming out with great marketing verbage but poor products.

  23. The Big Announcement! Says:

    […] A  News Reporter comments on ViSalus –  Body By Vi Challenge  […]

  24. hcg lean 2000 Says:

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