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Dallas doctor performs Brazilian Butt Lifts [HD]

Norrelle Dickson
Dallas doctor performs Brazilian Butt Lifts [HD]

Brazilian Butt Lift DESCRIP1

Doctor Bill Johnson at Innovations MedSpa in Dallas is performing a procedure called the Brazilian lift which is a buttocks enhancement procedure using a technique called fat transfer.

“Fat transfer gives us the ability to take fat where you don’t want it and put it somewhere where you would like it,” said doctor Bill Johnson. “We see predominantly three areas. We see buttocks, breasts and then face.”

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the Brazilian butt lift is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures and doctor Bill Johnson is among the few surgeons performing this procedure in north Texas.

“We’ve been doing Brazilian lift now for about a year and a half,” said Johnson.

Brazilian Butt Lift DESCRIP3

One of the most recent Brazilian patients who decided to keep her identity private spoke with us just a few moment before her surgery.

“I’m very excited,” said the patient. “This is something I’ve thought about for a long time. I’ve contemplated over it and I said this is 2010 so let’s do it. Let’s make me happy.”

The procedure consists of liposuction from her abdomen thighs and back. Then the liposuction fat is harvested and injected into the buttocks area giving her a fuller and more round backside.

Brazilian Butt Lift DESCRIP2

“I’m hoping for a thinner waistline and a more voluptuous butt in the back,” said the patient. “You just want to have more junk in your trunk.”

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Norrelle Dickson

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4 Responses to “Dallas doctor performs Brazilian Butt Lifts [HD]”

  1. Stan Archie Says:

    What happened to that skinny little kid I new. You have grown up to become a very beautiful young lady. I ejoyed seeing and hearing you on the video. Hope you will continue in this field as you seem to a “natural”. Donna sent the e-mail containing the video to me.

  2. TANNER Says:

    Great job Norrelle on an interesting subject to say the least. Your a natural, keep up the good work. Would love to see more sports stories from you in the future.

  3. Hattie Sokorai Says:

    Wow, i appreciate your work

  4. kim johnson Says:

    The video about the fat transfer was terrible. You didn’t reveal the after look.

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