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Tawna Eubanks at Metroflex Gym [HD]

Chris Ghanbari
Tawna Eubanks at Metroflex Gym [HD]

“I’ve been doing regular bikini competitions just all around DFW,” said competitor Tawna Eubanks.

“I was judging one of Tawna’s contests,” said personal trainer at Metroflex Gym Greg McCoy.

“Greg suggested that I do the fitness aspect of it,” said Eubanks. “I did my first show the Lonestar Classic.”

“We went to the show,” said McCoy. “She looked awesome. She did great on stage.”

“I ended up winning my division in overall so I’m pretty excited and now I’m hooked,” said Eubanks. “My goal is to go pro. That’s what I want and that’s what we’re trying for at nationals in Vegas. The dieting was crazy.”

“It took a little convincing because she does like Dr Pepper and all her little snack food,” said McCoy.

“I want donuts,” said Eubanks. “I want my sweets.”

“I had to kind of convince her that if you eat these things it will pay off,” said McCoy.

“It’s not just working out,” said Eubanks. “It is the dieting as well so that was a big change.”

“She is an ab machine,” said McCoy.

“I’m a big fan of abs,” said Eubanks. “Greg calls me the ab machine. I just love working abs. It’s hardcore. I was actually talking to myself the other day and saying what is it that I do love about being on stage. Is it the adrenaline rush? I don’t know yet but I could do this forever.”

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