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Rachel’s Challenge [HD]

Ashley Roberts
Rachel’s Challenge [HD]

On April 20th, 1999 two teenagers entered Columbine High School in Jefferson County in Colorado. Their goal was to kill as many people in the school as possible. This impacted millions of lives including the Scott family. Seventeen year old Rachel Scott reportedly was the first of twelve students killed at the high school that day but even in her short lived life she wrote something so touching that many say her spirit continues to live.

“About a month after Rachel died we found an essay under her bed that she had written for her fifth period class and it was called My Ethics, My Codes of Life,” said Rachel Scott’s father Darrell Scott. “In that essay she challenged her readers to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.”

What Rachel didn’t know was while she was writing her essay about spreading kindness her killers were making a home video about spreading death and violence.

“I saw that video at the police station and they used the same words that Rachel used,” said Darrell Scott. “Eric Harris her killer looks at the camera and he said we need to get a chain reaction going here.”

Today Scott’s parents travel the country sharing their daughter’s vision urging others to take Rachel’s challenge. Just recently the Rockwall Independent School District in Rockwall, Texas held an event called Rachel’s Rally. Students worked tirelessly to break a world record of packaging meals.

“We made a million meals for the people in Haiti and I know it’s going to help so many people there,” said student Megan Hasenyager.

“We have so much in this community and there’s the disaster in Haiti so we really feel for them and we have empathy for them so it’s good to give back,” said student Hillary Kinsey.

Even a dislocated hip didn’t stop student Lauren Segura from spreading kindness.

“It feels really good to help people and know I’m making a difference,” said student Lauren Segura.

Students also created a million chain links of kind and compassion messages.

“How do you explain something that’s just amazing,” said Rachel Scott’s stepmother Sandy Scott. “To have Rockwall come together for an act of kindness. There’s no concert coming. There’s no football game and to think people came out to celebrate acts of kindness. That’s amazing to me.”

And it all started with one compassionate, young heart from Rachel Scott.

Take a look at the video in HD about Rachel’s Challenge produced by DFW Reporting above!

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5 Responses to “Rachel’s Challenge [HD]”

  1. Kelli Says:

    Extremely touching and inspirational piece!

  2. anynmous Says:

    Wow! I heard about this in my school as a young child. I have been looking for videos for a couple days now I have found this one the most touching. And why these boys would do that who knows but this was really touching.

  3. Joy Gradford Says:

    Awesome interview of Zoya & Ali by Bilawal.You rockk mann!!

  4. anynmous Says:

    This is just amazing but why would somebody wanna kill her this poor girl :(

  5. Jay Says:

    What a beautiful child. Beautiful ideals.

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