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Pamela Rudd calls herself a hard worker. She held a position as a trust officer at a bank for twenty five years. When the bank hit hard times, she was terminated from her position.

“I just had to suck it up, get over it, and land back on my feet because I am a survivor,” said Rudd.

Without any luck finding a new job, Rudd was referred to an organization called Dress for Success. It’s a program that aims to get disadvantaged women into more than just a business suit, but a career.

“I’ve worked since I was a teenager, so getting out into this job market now with the way the world is now, is very scary,” said Rudd.

“What they do for women here is just first rate,” said Alonzo Peterson, who is Executive Director of Dress for Success Dallas.

At their first visit, the clients are given a business suit and accessories. They are connected with the Professional Women’s Group, that offers women support and resources when getting back into the workforce, like interview training. Once they get a job, they are invited back to pick more pieces of professional wear.

“You can just see the whole light come into their face when they try something on,” said Peterson. “You know that’s the look and that’s the outfit for them.”

“Here, I just felt a whole new security,” said Rudd.

Rudd is currently working at a temp job, and credits Dress for Success, for the opportunity. She says she will never turn a job opportunity down, until she’s found the perfect career.

Watch the video in HD above produced by our News Without The Blues team – the only news team in Texas that only reports on positive news! The video was reported by Journalist Katherine Lane and shot by Videographer Chris Ghanbari.

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