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Electric go karts spinning wheels in Frisco [HD]

Angela Hamann
Electric go karts spinning wheels in Frisco [HD]

Electric go karts are turning wheels in Frisco.

“They’re really, really fast but they don’t use gas,” said Robert Finley, Co-Owner of Pole Position Raceway.

Pole Position Raceway originally started in California in 2005.  Now, the company has seven locations across the country, and their newest electric kart racetrack just opened.

“The concept was, let’s do indoor karting like we’ve never done before,” said Finley. “It was always done with gas powered go karts. These are electric battery powered go karts.“

Don’t let the electric karts fool you.  Their torque and acceleration are arguably better than any gas kart out there and even the biggest race fanatics say their power is impressive.

“It’s better than the gasoline powered ones, which is shocking to me because I’ve been driving gasoline engines my whole life,” said customer Michael Arden.

“Actually coming in I thought electric go karts, forty five miles an hour there’s no way they can go that fast,” said Brantley Price, employee of Pole Position Raceway.  “But then after I’ve been in the seat of these at least ten times, every time it’s an adrenaline rush.”

Finley is excited to see so many people enjoying the new concept, and he’s already announcing plans of a new track in North Texas.

“The goal is in about ninety days we’re going to start breaking ground on another one over in on the west side toward Fort Worth near maybe Southlake,” said Finley.

Finley says it’s been hard work opening the Frisco track, but he’s not complaining.

“I’m having a blast,” said Finley. “It’s not work when you’re having fun everyday.”

And he says his goal is to make sure everyone at Pole Position Raceway is having as much fun as he is.

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