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Virtual world on your mobile phone [HD]

Austin Wright
Virtual world on your mobile phone [HD]

Brittany McIntyre is one of eight hundred million people with an active Facebook account. Instead of posting pictures, McIntyre is using her iPhone to play a new networking game called Republik of MYIA. Similar to the popular game Farmville, users are able to build a virtual world.

“It’s a step up from Farmville because you also get the social networking aspect of it and you also get some fun games to go along with it,” said Brittany McIntyre. “You get to win stuff which is pretty cool.”

The game is the brain child of Creator Philippe Van Hecke. After seeing how excited people got building farms and trading livestock, Hecke wanted to build his own game, but give players better access to stay connected.

“What we wanted is to create a PC based game that had all mobile components embedded into the game so I think thats what we’ve created here at the Republik of MYIA,” said Philippe Van Hecke.  “It’s the first of it’s kind.”

Like farmville the Republik of MYIA can be played on any desktop or laptop computer but now users can use their Smartphones to play, and that means you can keep your world up and running anytime anywhere. That’s why Coleton Burch is glad he became a Myia fan. He doesn’t have to worry about his game falling apart while he’s away from his laptop.

“It’s cool how they send you mobile alerts when you’re away from your game so you can always be reminded what’s going on in your community and keep your people happy and your community safe,” said Coleton Burch.

To give users even more reason to log and keep playing, Hecke says everybody with a MYIA world will have a chance win all kinds of prizes.

“On City Hall you have the weekly sweepstakes that you can simply enter by clicking on it,” said Hecke. “It captures your cellphone information, and thats another real reward connected to what you are doing in the virtual community.”

Night clubs, banks and even churches. Build it all and share it with your friends. No doubt your virtual community will rest easy knowing you’re never to far away.

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Austin Wright

This story was reported by: Austin Wright (15 Videos)

Hello DFW my name is Austin Wright and I'm proud to say that I was born and raised right here In North Texas. I come from a huge family that is made up of some of the most remarkable people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. They say everything is bigger in Texas and the Wright family is no exception. Dreams as we know are an important part of life but in order to truly sleep sound at night we must turn our dreams into reality and live them. Aviation has always been a dream of mine and after graduating from Eastern Hills in 2001 I hit the ground running and eventually earned my wings. For the past six years I've piloted corporate jets all over the world. My travels have allowed me to walk the streets of some amazing cities. However no matter where I am Dallas will always be home. Like flying broadcasting has always been another passion of mine. I'm excited to be a member of this very talented news team and I look forward to upholding our long standing tradition of bringing the DFW community positive, upbeat news.


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