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WebBeat.TV comes to a successful end [HD]

Ashley Roberts
WebBeat.TV comes to a successful end [HD]

It has been a year of lights, camera and action for WebBeat.TV talking social media and just plain having fun.

“I’m addicted to the web,” said Pelpina Trip.

Pelpina Trip has wrapped up three hundred and sixty five days as the Host of WebBeat.TV an online show that’s all about the internet.

“On every regular show we have a website of the day and I cover some viral videos,” said Trip.

The former CW33 social media reporter has a love for the web and its constant evolution.

“It’s insane,” said Trip. “I mean I remember when I first started at the 33 News and people were talking about this thing called Twitter.”

Now Trip admits she is a Twitter addict but aside from a love for surfing the web she enjoys finding out how the web is shaping the world around us.

“And it’s really interesting to be able to talk to professionals about what the real impact is of social media,” said Trip.

Professionals like Social Media Club of Dallas, Mike Merrill, who joined the WebBeat.TV crew for an episode about tips on using Linkedin. Trip’s counterpart is Videographer Norm Flores. Though he’s usually behind the scenes the two gave viewers a few laughs.

“Sometimes we’ll cut away to me doing something funny or kind of on the dumb side,” said Norm Flores.

This crew will move on to the next chapter of their media careers. A year of WebBeat.TV has opened their eyes to where they see the future of media: more online driven content.

“And that’s really what I’m passionate about,” said Trip.

Watch the video in HD above produced by Journalist Ashley Roberts and Videographer Chris Ghanbari from DFW Reporting – the only news team in Texas that only reports on positive news!

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