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Charities are always assisting those in need and giving aid to the community but sometimes they find it hard to survive alone. Executives in Action, or EIA, is a nonprofit dedicated to helping other nonprofits succeed.

“EIA is able to help them by matching them with the people with the skills to help them further their organization,” said EIA Consultant Gary Sobolewski.

EIA uses experienced business leaders as free consultants for charitable organizations. Each executive has over fifteen years of management experience, and Jeff Upperman says this valuable knowledge is key for the success of many charities.

“They may not have the background in business necessary to run an organization,” said EIA Consultant Jeff Upperman. “The role Executives in Action is playing is coming in and helping with that infrastructure.”

Hopeful Solutions is a nonprofit that helps recovering female drug addicts get their lives on track, and they’re one of many organizations benefittng from EIA. Hopeful Solution’s funding and donations are growing because of help from a former CFO.

“A lot of times when they come to us, some of the women may not have custody of their children and the only way they can get the custody is they have to have a stable home environment for them,” said Founder of Hopeful Solutions Natalynne Walton. “Because we will service them they can get custody of their children.”

Walton has a positive attitude and contagious smile that makes it easy to believe she’s a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. But she wasn’t always so optimistic. She was once a drug addict herself.

“It’s awesome because she’s been there,” said Amanda. “She knows you know what we’ve gone through. I was a heroine addict. I used heroine and cocaine until I was seven months pregnant.”

Child Protective Services took Amanda’s son away from her shortly after he was born. She says because of Hopeful Solutions, she now has her son and her life back. Amanda isn’t alone.

“You lose a lot of parenting skills,” said Darissa. “You lose self-esteem. You lose a lot of things: family, friends, your home. And this is my home now and I’m so grateful to have it. Hopeful Solutions saved me.”

The Hopeful Solutions building has all of the necessities the moms and children need. Apartments they can call their own, classes to help aid recovery, training computers for school and work, and surroundings that feel safe.

“If it wasn’t for Natalynne a lot of mothers and children wouldn’t have made it this far,” said Darissa. “Without her a lot of parents wouldn’t have their children and would still be struggling to try to find somewhere to go.”

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