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Going green on a larger scale [HD]

Eryn Van Valkenburg
Going green on a larger scale [HD]

Dallas based company, Class One Solutions has brought the term ‘going green’ to a larger scale for nearly eleven years.

“The mission of Class One is to reduce the impact of corporations and buildings on the environment,” said President of Class One Solutions Matt Strong.

Although small, Class One Solutions has helped large corporations like Pepsi and Frito Lay become LEED Certified which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

“Frito Lay has been a great client of ours they have helped us grow and we have helped them grow,” said President of C1S Group Julie Strong.

“It’s saved us all kinds of money we wouldn’t do it if it were just for the sake of getting a poster on the board,” said Frito Lay Senior Engineer John Bracco. “It effects our bottom line. LEED Certification equates to sustainability, gas saving, water savings and electrical savings. It’s all a big deal.”

In order to achieve success the folks at Class One Solutions knew that their building needed to be environmentally friendly. That’s why they use Energy Star Products and light sensors to reduce their impact on the environment. As Dallas advances toward making our commercial world more eco-friendly, Class One Solutions with be there to guide businesses in the right direction.

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2 Responses to “Going green on a larger scale [HD]”

  1. Nina Fay Says:

    Hi Eryn,
    Congratulations on your new position with DFW.
    That was a very interesting report. Well done.

  2. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    Thank you so much, Nina! I am excited to be with DFW and can’t to deliver my next story! Have a great day!

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