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Every summer, the Dallas Young Actors Studio hosts a Movie Camp, throwing budding actors and actresses into the movie-making industry head first.

“We’re Having fun with friends,” said Actor Nick Kuelbs. “We get to come out and shoot some movies, have a good time, sit around the pool, have pizza and make a movie.”

“Wow, we’re learning so much,” said Actor Brennen Bliss. “This is my first Movie Camp and I’m just so happy. I’ve learned thousands and thousands of things already.”

“Great shooting, great crew and we’re having a great time,” said actor Noah Ringer.

Noah Ringer is a young North Texas actor who counts M. Night Shyamalan and Harrison Ford as his co-workers. He’s teaming up with the Dallas Young Actors Studio to produce a short film from the pros. Producer Linda Seto, says it’s not just about learning the mechanics of the movie business. She also hopes to show potential stars that it’s not all Hollywood glamour when it comes to making movie magic.

“It’s a lot longer and more difficult than most people realize until you’re actually on set and you’re dealing with the weather, and the sound issues, and everything else that comes around,” said Seto.

In just seven days, the young actors will have learned the ins and outs of the movie set. For Ringer, it’s more than the production. It’s an opportunity for him to nurture his talent and learn valuable lessons he believes will guide him throughout his career.

“It will get hard some times but you’ve just got to keep at it,” said Ringer. “Really focus hard when you’re on set, memorize your lines, make sure you’re prepared, and just have fun with it. Really have fun.”

Several success stories have started right here in the Dallas Young Actors camp. From Disney shows to TV series with Tim Allen, Seto says this camp is a breeding ground for North Texans who are young and talented.

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