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It’s a company smack dab in the middle of North Texas that’s working with the magic of Hollywood but it’s not Hollywood. This magic is being made in Flower Mound.

“What happens on the clock is just half the story,” said FUNimation Entertainment Director of Production Justin Cook. “Everybody is working around the clock all day long trying to make the best possible product we can. It’s not just for the fans. We’re all fans of what we’re doing as well.”

Simply put FUNimation Entertainment takes anime episodes from Japan and translates them into programming that can air right here in America. But it’s not just the language barrier that keeps the tunes in their original state from being unable to hit American airwaves.

“You can’t show cigarettes, blood or alcohol products,” said Editor Josh Tyler.

The editors cut out the cultural differences and make the program more fan friendly. It’s a million dollar industry that’s thriving in the metro plex bring jobs to editors and voice over actors.

“We get most of our talent locally because they are quite good and they also do other things like theater,” said President & CEO of FUNimation Entertainment Gen Fukunaga. “We’ve brought through thousands of actors now through FUNimation. Several of them have gotten well known enough that they’ve moved out to Hollywood or New York and are doing voice work and other things out there as well.”

The editing process is not a quick one. On average it takes the state of the art facility and anime masterminds one week to finish up a single episode while juggling several other programs at the same time.

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7 Responses to “Actors and editors finding work at FUNimation Entertainment [HD]”

  1. Jarad Says:

    I just want the Dragon Ball Z Kai series to do the Buu saga. Wouldn’t anyone agree?

  2. Len Vaughn Says:

    I just want a shot to audition. I’m a local actor living within the Dallas metro plex area and unfortunately, I can’t seem to get anyone to represent me because apparently I look like everyone they already represent. I always get the awesome talent, great job, very proactive but unfortunately we already represent someone that’s looks like you and blah, blah. Although, I do have an appointment with the Campbell Agency, so hopefully everything goes well. I just need one shot to show I have what it takes to make it in this business.

  3. kyle cotton Says:

    I don’t live in the state but willing to relocate. However, i wanted to try and giving my acting skills a shot in a anime show. i’m a very determined person to getting a job done right and also to have fun with it as well.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Jared, I hope you realize that Funimation cannot simply create a new story arc for Dragon Ball Z Kai on their own. Toei Animation, the creators of Dragon Ball Kai (as it is known in Japan), have completely canceled the series after the Cell story arc, so there is nothing more that Funimation can do to continue the story at this point. All they do is reversion the existing Japanese product to be aired/released in America.

  5. xavier sias Says:

    i am a junior in highschool and i am really looking forward to working for FUNimation entertainment, i have always wanted to work for funimation as a voice actor and i believe i could make the job. i hope one day FUNimation will contact me in hope of offering me a job there…

  6. Rainee (rainy) Says:

    Hello, I am a junior in high-school and I really would like to get a chance to try to work at FUNimation entertainment. I am a really good artist and i am still working on it, I love manga and anime very much and working at a place like funimation would be very exciting for me. So i was wondering what should I start working on in middle school and college if i want to work at FUNimation?

  7. Silvia Says:

    Is there any jobs in funimation that I can apply?

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