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After a long battle with leukemia Olivia Gabrielle Jones who battled the disease for most of her young life passed away in February. But today her memory is living on through 20-year-old Lizzie Cochran.

Cochran is the Founder of Miracle Players Foundation which is a team of volunteers that travels to children’s hospitals sharing musical theatre and bringing joy to young patients.

“I’ve done theatre for my entire life and I sang at a benefit for the little girl Olivia the ones who this event is dedicated to,” said Lizzie Cochran.

After singing for Olivia, Cochran went on to participate in a musical theatre camp outside of Dallas for kids with life threatening diseases. After noticing several children who could not attend because they were too sick to leave the hospital she came up with another idea.

“I decided that I wanted to find a way to bring the camp to the kids,” said Cochran. “I know theatre better than I know anything else so I thought it was good place to start.

The Pediatric Cancer non-profit gained its non-profit status just this year and has performed at 3 Dallas hospitals already: Scottish Rite, Medical City and Children’s Medical Center.

“They don’t want your pity,” said Cochran. “They want you to treat them like any other kid. That’s what we get to do is just give them a little bit of time to be a normal kid and forget about the other stuff they have going on.”

Miracle Players Foundation brings cheer to kids like Piper Simon.

“It was very boring to be in the hospital,” said Piper Simon. “I went there every single Monday and I normally left throwing up and I did not like it at all.”

Piper says watching videos of her and her friends singing kept her spirits high through painful treatments.

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