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She’s a Richardson native that took her big fashion dreams all the way to the top.

“Looking over and seeing my name on the wall is fun and looking underneath it and seeing my line,” said fashion designer Shirin Askari. “It’s really nice and it’s something I’ve worked really hard for so it’s nice to see.”

Shirin Askari has been creating fashionable jackets, tops, and dresses for as long as she can remember.

“From a young age I was making my clothes just because I was so petite and I didn’t want to shop in the kids section, so I would just make my own clothes and it kind of progressed from there,” said Askari.

Askari brought her Fall Fashion line to FIG, a fashion mecca in downtown Dallas, where her duds can be scooped up by local stores.

“I want to build this career and I want to build this line and I want it to be something that I can look back on in 25 years and be proud of,” said Askari.

There is definitely one thing that makes Askari different then many other designers – her time spent on the hit television show Project Runway which rakes in over thirty million viewers.

“It’s probably the best exposure you can get as a designer, like so quickly,” said Askari.

Tamar Minassian was a producer for Askari’s first runway show. She says she knew Askari’s career was just beginning.

“She’s very driven in what she does and she has a great eye,” said Tamar Minassian. “She has a good base of jackets and different pieces you can wear everyday. It’s great for any fashionable girl.”

While she may be hitting it big in the fashion world, she’s still a young woman who strives to encourage other young designers to follow their dreams, and even her footsteps.

“You have to really, really love it and you have to really want it and that’s really the only way you’re going to get through it,” said Askari. “It’s not a very nice industry, but if it’s something that you love, then go for it.”

Askari was recently been named one of the Fresh Faces in Fashion. The group of twelve women are responsible for raising money and awareness for the Suicide and Crisis Center. She says it’s a honor and a privilege she will never take for granted.

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