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Dallas students rally for their teachers [HD]

Katherine Lane
Dallas students rally for their teachers [HD]

Concerned students gathered at the front steps of North Dallas High School, with hopes that school officials would hear their cries.

“It really hurts to know that they might not be here,” said student LaShaun Steward.

“We don’t want them to leave,” said student Brenda Lopez.

Brenda Lopez, the Senior Class President, helped organize a candlelight vigil to honor the dozens of teachers whose jobs are in jeopardy due to district-wide budget cuts.

“They are pretty sad about it,” said Lopez. “They don’t want to leave as well. It hurts them and it hurts us in many ways.”

It was a grand gesture from students, that touched all adults that were there to witness the lighting of the candles.

“They care about their teachers and they want people to know that teachers are helping to light their ways to a better future and they don’t want to lose that,” said supporter Dorothy Budd.

The students know that by lighting candles, no action may be taken. However they do hope the faculty and staff know how much they care.

“We hope that they stay here, but we are very thankful for what they’ve done for us,” said Lopez. “We just love them very much.”

For now, lighting a candle and saying a prayer will have to do standing on the front steps of their school honoring their teachers and the legacy they’ll leave behind.

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