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Fishbowl Radio Network [HD]

Angela Hamann
Fishbowl Radio Network [HD]

Imagine having your own Internet radio show heard worldwide. People across the globe can listen to you, and you don’t even need radio experience.

“Basically anyone can play,” said Owner of Fishbowl Radio Network Sammi St. John-Martinez. “I’ve always felt like why can’t anyone who has a desire to do this get to play. I think there’s a lot of people who have a lot of brilliant ideas and they’re talented and creative but they’re not getting that chance to utilize that.”

The Fishbowl Radio Network is a twenty four hour online radio channel. Based in Arlington, the office boasts four studios with state-of-the art equipment.

“So you can actually have four stations running at one time,” said broadcaster Bobby Collins. “There’s always music programming or some type of programming on the shows. They all have their own request lines so that you can call from anywhere in the world.”

Sammi St. John-Martinez founded the Fishbowl Radio Network in September of 2009. Formerly known as DJ Sammi G at some of the biggest radio stations in the metroplex, she decided to help others get the chance to be heard.

“Anyone can get their shot,” said Martinez. “We’re the vehicle to provide that and what’s cool about it is you get a world wide audience. You’re not just tied into local.”

The Fishbowl Radio Network is home to a wide variety of shows, from sports, to hip-hop to heavy metal. Radio veteran Bobby Collins hosts the Southern Soul Shack which is a daily show featuring the best in Southern soul and blues. With 19 years of radio experience, Collins has seen the industry change drastically. But he says this idea may be a change that sticks.

“It’s probably an idea that may change what radio will be in the next five or ten years,” said Collins. “Some people say it’s the future of radio as it is.”

As media continues to shift more and more to the Internet, both Martinez and Collins are excited about the future of the Fishbowl Radio Network. They encourage anyone who has an idea to “Jump In!”

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