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Inside the studio for DayBreak USA [HD]

Ashley Roberts
Inside the studio for DayBreak USA [HD]

DayBreak USA is a three person radio team out of Carrollton, Texas.

“We spit it out to probably about sixty cities every morning,” said DayBreak USA Technical Director Bobby Collins.

“We are just family friendly, fun and positive,” said DayBreak USA Executive Producer Christy Cahela.

The show is hosted by Scott West who is a legendary radio and television broadcaster who joined DayBreak USA in 2005. It is a nationally syndicated morning show.

“People listen to you and they get to know a slice of your life,” said DayBreak USA Host Scott West. “They feel like they get to know you and it has to be real. It has to be genuine.”

Real and genuine are words that West uses to describe the DayBreak USA crew.

“We try to make sure we are inviting and warm,” said Collins.

In the studio they like to keep the atmosphere casual and conversational like walking into a family room.

“We want to be that extended family,” said Cahela. “We want to be the normal, extended family. The cool extended family. Not the the creepy one.”

The team is full of personality which is exactly what they try to give their listeners. The show kicked off in 1996 but has since become much more informational and guest driven.

“In radio you can always get caught up in some of the same old, same old,” said Collins. “We try to give you something fresh.”

The team covers a wide range of topics that they believe are relevant to both local and nationwide listeners.

“We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to really learn about all these experts we have in town that we can tap into,” said West.

The ultimate vision for this trio is to continue building an audience. DayBreak USA airs from 5am to 9am Monday through Friday sharing content that they hope will get their listeners thinking.

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5 Responses to “Inside the studio for DayBreak USA [HD]”

  1. FriscoKid Says:

    Scott,Christy,Bobby…you rock!!!! Love the show it just keeps getting better!

  2. Ms.Bliss Says:

    Really enjoy the show, they really funny in the morning!

  3. Chris Ghanbari Says:

    Scott, Bobby and Christy rule! :-)

  4. Steven Lotkin Says:

    Driving home from work Tuesday, Apr 27, I caught a segment with the interview with Dr Ayman. I work rotation shift work and badly need assistance. I am a dropout of a few weight loss programs because the instructor(s) were not interested in listening to my issues/concerns about shift work and weight loss. I don’t have the money to cover an airplane fare, car rental and personal time with the doctor. Maybe you (Scott), the Doctor and I can have a conference telephone call to direct me into the right direction. I would be willing to be his “pilot project” or get a group of 10 people to try his program. My greatest concern is weight gain and shift work. I can email my schedule to either one to review.

  5. TK Says:

    Where did thy go????????????????

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