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Couple creates a new look for medical wear [HD]

Candice Benjamin
Couple creates a new look for medical wear [HD]

The Marquardt’s have the power couple role down. David owns his own cleaning business and his wife Shelby is an anesthesiologist but they haven’t stopped there. Now they’re balancing a booming business bringing fashion into hospitals around the nation. Their designer scrubs have been featured on hit medical shows like Grey’s Anatomy. David says the couple stumbled upon the business idea when Shelby was in medical school.

“When Shelby finally was working in the hospital she couldn’t handle wearing the old, ugly scrub stuff,” said David Marquardt.

“I thought there’s no way I’m going to wear a uniform like this for the rest of my life,” said Shelby Marquardt. “I knew I was going to be a doctor from a young age. That was my goal from the beginning so I thought I’m going to wear this everyday so I’m going to create something that I like.”

Tired of squeezing her long hair into the traditional scrub hat Shelby decided to take designing into her own hands. Already knowing how to sew she started making her own hats. It wasn’t long before Shelby’s co-workers and friends wanted hats like hers to and then blue sky scrubs was born.

“People were asking her where did she get it or can I get one,” said David Marquardt. “She was selling them out of a brown, paper bag to her friends at the hospital and I started building the website. We worked on getting a manufacturer and from there it just propelled.”

blue sky scrubs are made in Dallas. They are getting orders from around the country with publications from the New York Times and O Magazine singing the praises of their scrubs designs. After the launch of the company in 2005 they added tops and bottoms to their line of scrubs. The couple says they’ve seen the number for blue sky scrubs double and even triple over the years.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Shelby Marquardt. “I see people everyday at work wearing the products and I’m stunned.”

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