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Homeless shelter seeks help [HD]

Cheri Garcia
Homeless shelter seeks help [HD]

“I would literally die for this place,” said Executive Director of the Austin Street Centre Reverend ‘Bubba’ Dailey.

Over four hundred homeless people sleep at the Austin Street Centre in Dallas every night.

“I changed the word shelter to centre because shelter was degrading,” said Dailey. “These are people that people pass by and never, really truly look at. They don’t realize what’s underneath all of that.”

Dailey has never been one of those people to just pass by. She started out of the trunk of her car donating what she could to the needy.

“You change one life at a time,” said Dailey.

One of those lives is Bea Feagins.

“Bubba made a difference in my life that is beyond words,” said Administrative Assistant of the Austin Street Centre Bea Feagins.

“It is my pleasure,” said Dailey. “I’m the blessed one.”

Six years ago Feagins became homeless after losing her car and job. She remembers her first day at the Austin Street Centre.

“I was scared when I walked in,” said Feagins. “I was so scared. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to behave. Every time somebody looked at me I would start to shake.”

“We graduate maybe about fifteen people a month that has been through the program and has gone back with jobs,” said Dailey. “They do not recycle back out.”

Feagins is a proud graduate.

“I moved out of the shelter in 2006,” said Feagins. “I got my own place. I have a car now. I’m in a relationship with a great guy.”

With four substance abuse counselors, a GED program and minimum wage jobs provided here money is low, demand is high and Dailey needs the public’s help.

“Our donations have been down this year over twenty percent,” said Dailey. “I do not even have enough money to afford to hire enough people to help us do the work that needs to be done. I would ask people out there if they have extra to please help someone else.”

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2 Responses to “Homeless shelter seeks help [HD]”

  1. Lori Runions Says:

    Cheri my name is Lori and i to stay at austin street centre with my son for all most a year and i to worked in the thrith store for the shelterand if it wasn’t for reverend Bubba’Dailey and dallas metrcare me and my son would still be at the shoulter. and this year i had to have surgery in oct. and was not able to work so i call her at xmas time to help me so my son would have a good xmas this year and if i ever need them they will be thier for me and my son.my mom and dad passaway in 09 and she was right thier for me.one day i wiil pay it back to them Lori

  2. Lori Runions Says:

    i also one day will be able to give back to them whem i get the money from the sale of my mom and dads house i am going to give back to them for all they have doon for me and my son thank you for the nice pice you did on them. Lori Runions

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