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Long time Texas Rangers fan Kathleen Barron knows that one week from now she may not be here but she hopes to hold on just a little bit longer to spend time with her loved ones.

“All kinds of fun and entertainment,” said Texas Rangers fan Kathleen Barron.

“March of this year she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and doctors only gave her about six months to live,” said Kathleen’s son Kyle Barron.

And the six month mark that the entire family has been dreading is now here. Kathleen is no stranger to medical problems. She has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and she battled breast cancer several years ago.

“That was very tough and she always claimed that if she ever got diagnosed with cancer that she wasn’t going to do anything for it,” said Kyle Barron.

So now she refused chemotherapy and has decided to let nature take it’s course with the comfort and support of her family. Hospice nurses spend a lot of time at the family’s home to help everyone cope with this hard time in their life and to provide care to Kathleen. There is one thing in particular they noticed.

“They all know how much of a Rangers fan my mom is so they contacted the Rangers and they didn’t even contact me or tell anyone until it was confirmed and that was Friday morning,” said Kyle Barron.

After the Texas Rangers personnel received a letter from Mercy Hospice they decided to give Kathleen and her family a suite at the Ballpark in Arlington for free.

“It was a total surprise,” said Kathleen Barron. “I almost fainted.”

Friends, family and hospice nurses came in town to spend the last precious moments with her at the Texas Rangers game

Manoj Patel, Kathleen’s physician, is the person that first came up with the idea

“She is a loving Rangers fan and we do know that her house is like a Rangers shrine,” said Kathleen’s physician Manoj Patel. “As a part of our care giving meetings we had decided that we wanted to do this for her.”

Because of Kathleen’s condition she has to stay in the suite and watch the game from the television.

“I’m feeling tired but I’m excited,” said Kathleen Barron.

And although friends and family know that a sad day is near they are still embracing today knowing they are spending last precious moments with the one they love.

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5 Responses to “Exclusive: Texas Rangers give dying woman special gift [HD]”

  1. David Alvey Says:

    GREAT story. Very heart warming. Go Rangers!

  2. Chris Ghanbari Says:

    Thank you David!

  3. Stacey Montgomery Says:

    Thank you to Cheri and her reporting team for always sharing stories that may be sad but are always inspiring.
    We truly need that in today’s media –
    And yes, Cheri does not have a degree but she has the “fighting Irish Spirit” – poor thing…
    Love you Cher –
    I may be her Aunt, but I would not give her a glowing recommendation if she didn’t deserve it!
    I’m very proud of you!

  4. Mike Snyder Says:

    Cheri, great job on this story! I applaud the dignity and care you exhibited telling Kathleen’s story. I applaud Kathleen for her courage, her doctors, family and care givers for their love and devotion, and a big hand to the generosity of the Texas Rangers. Now, the best tribute the boys could give Kathleen is a Pennant. You know, I think they are going to do it.

  5. Chris Ghanbari Says:

    Thank you Stacey and Mike! Mike, you rock. Everything going ok?

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