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Rockwall teen gets vampire fangs [HD]

Austin Wright
Rockwall teen gets vampire fangs [HD]

It’s the Blockbuster phenom sweeping the nation. Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight series, has North Texas fans going vampire gaga.

“Twilight is crazy,” said Floss Dental patient Taylor Walker. “Everyone loves it. Everyone’s going crazy over it.”

The vampire way of life made such an impression on Heath high school student Taylor Walker she came to Floss Dental in Rockwall to become more like her favorite vampire characters.

“Doctor Mary is going to put on some fangs for me,” said Walker. “Basically she takes composite and puts it on my tooth. She molds it into a point.”

They’re called vampire veneers and luckily for Taylor’s mom who agreed to today’s procedure they aren’t permanent.

“I thought she was crazy but then I found out it’s something that can be done just kind of for a costume,” said Taylor’s mother Jennifer Bean.

Taking care of Taylor’s vampire makeover is Doctor Mary Courtin. According to her it only takes around thirty minutes to create a new vampire grill and it’s completely safe.

“It’s just for fun,” said Doctor Mary Courtin. “We check her bite and make sure she can bite okay. It looks really real.”

The fangs stay in place for a few days or in some cases even a couple of weeks.

“It doesn’t bug me or anything,” said Walker. “One time I got carried away and I really liked them so I put super glue on them. I don’t suggest you do that because it’s really hard to get off.”

Walker loves her new canines plus she has an advantage over the Twilight gang of vampires. She gets the vampire look and can show them off during the daylight.

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Austin Wright

This story was reported by: Austin Wright (15 Videos)

Hello DFW my name is Austin Wright and I'm proud to say that I was born and raised right here In North Texas. I come from a huge family that is made up of some of the most remarkable people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. They say everything is bigger in Texas and the Wright family is no exception. Dreams as we know are an important part of life but in order to truly sleep sound at night we must turn our dreams into reality and live them. Aviation has always been a dream of mine and after graduating from Eastern Hills in 2001 I hit the ground running and eventually earned my wings. For the past six years I've piloted corporate jets all over the world. My travels have allowed me to walk the streets of some amazing cities. However no matter where I am Dallas will always be home. Like flying broadcasting has always been another passion of mine. I'm excited to be a member of this very talented news team and I look forward to upholding our long standing tradition of bringing the DFW community positive, upbeat news.


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