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Thirty eight year old Tracey Yukich of Allen, Texas hasn’t always been running down the path she wanted to. In fact exercise wasn’t on her agenda at all.

“I thought that running around with my children was enough exercise,” said Biggest Loser contestant Tracey Yukich. “It clearly was not.”

With over two thirds of the United States considered over weight shows like the Biggest Loser encourage and inspire people to start making changes in their own lives.

“I remember just watching every Tuesday night and was so inspired by everyone that was on the show,” said Yukich. “I came to the conclusion that I felt like I needed that launching pad in order to get this weight off of me.”

And that’s exactly what Yukich did. She signed up for the popular NBC show Biggest Loser but on the first day of the show Yukich took to many steps for her five foot two, two hundred and fifty pound frame.

“I had a heat stroke on the first day of the show and I was really sick when I was out there” said Yukich. “The hardest thing for me was realizing that I almost died on national television.”

Yukich didn’t let it slow her down and used her first day on the show as a spring board to healthiness.

“What happened on the show was suppose to happen,” said Yukich. “That was God’s way of letting me know you know what Tracey you’re not going to be here very long if you don’t take care of yourself.”

Within the year she’s lost over a hundred pounds, obtained her personal training license and finished the Boston Marathon.

“She works so hard and I was so fortunate to be a part of it,” said Tracey Yukich’s personal trainer Kristin Johnson. “I’m so proud of her losing the weight and how its truly changed her as a person. She’s just so more confident and outgoing. She feels like she’s a better mother and a better friend.”

Yukich has run full circle. She’s now the one inspiring others to spring off their couch and get on track.

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One Response to “Biggest Loser contestant still inspiring others [HD]”

  1. Layne Dronko Says:

    I’ve got no time for those who eat like pigs and then try to find magic pills, diets and programs. When you eat too much, you’ll be fat no mater what. And i am not especially slim but I actually do jog and feel healthy, without feeling hungry constantly. Get a grip people!

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