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“When most of us think about volunteering for a nonprofit what we think about is using our hands to clean up the place and wonderful work that’s really work from the heart,” said Executive Director of Executives in Action Jeremy Gregg. “What are executives are able to do is use their talents to improve a nonprofit. One of our proudest achievements has been our work with St. Vincent de Paul. We sent some executives over there with Dale Teeters and his team.”

“I was a corporate vice president for a major automotive electronics company and back in August a decision was made by someone three thousand miles away that the organization was going to be downsized,” said EIA Consultant Dale Teeters. “That was the first time in my career history that I was downsized from a company. It’s great to have your skills utilized to help a operation like St. Vincent de Paul that cannot afford the executive talent that we bring.”

“We were selling more merchandise then we were producing to the floor,” said General Manager of St. Vincent de Paul Dorothy Hoel. ” You can only do that for so long.”

“When we met Dorothy we were very impressed by her vision for the store and what she wanted to achieve,” said Gregg.

“Our first year of sales we delivered over seven hundred thousand,” said Hoel. “The second year was nine hundred thousand. Our goal this year is one point two million dollars.”

“She also had a very clear understanding of how Executives in Action could help her in a way that would make a huge impact for our executives but also really substantial impact on the nonprofit,” said Gregg. “Where this really was a win, win, win was Dorothy benefited tremendously. The store is a better store delivering more to the mission everyday because of our work. Our executives, Dale and his team also received a tremendous amount out of their work there at St. Vincent de Paul.”

Executives in Action Consultant Dale Teeters

“Overall with the project right now we saved about a hundred and thirty thousand dollars in annual savings,” said Teeters.

“This was a huge win for Executives in Action and for our donors,” said Gregg. “Our donors invested about thirteen thousand dollars in this project. The return on investment has already been at least ten times that.”

“I can’t be more pleased,” said Hoel. “I loved the relationship that we’ve developed with them. I think the individuals they bring in are top notch, high level executives. There’s no way as a small nonprofit especially as a start up that we could even afford to pay for anything like that so we’ve been extremely blessed.”

“Just to see the transformation in the organization and the things that people are thankful for has been amazing,” said Teeters. “It’s a great transformation. Everybody has embraced that.”

“We will know what success looks like five, ten or twenty years from now when the store still exists and its delivering tremendous amounts of resources back to the mission,” said Gregg. “They’ll be able to say that a lot of this got started in 2009 when Executives in Action first met with them. Also in 2010 when we first launched our project and carried it forward to drive more impact in the organization. The reason why this story is important is it’s a great example of what we can do for any charity out there. If a person watching this wanted to sponsor a similar project for their favorite nonprofit we would be honored to partner with them to do so.”

“The positive benefits of giving back and helping out the community is wonderful,” said Teeters. “It’s something I’ll continue to do through the rest of my life.”

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