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Historic Downtown McKinney [HD]

Lindsey Miller Crouch
Historic Downtown McKinney [HD]

The historic north Texas square has a new sheriff in town. City Councilman, Don Day, purchased his first building in the downtown McKinney Square in the mid-1990s. Since then, he’s bought and renovated over 20 buildings and now owns about 9 businesses with his wife Linda, sparking a downtown revival.

“When I came down here there were a lot of boarded up buildings of course and I just felt like it would develop into something good,” said McKinney resident Linda Day.

“You could shoot a canon down Louisiana Street and not worry about hitting anybody,” said McKinney resident Don Day. “There were very few people down here.”

Don didn’t let that interfere with his vision, especially since finances weren’t a big concern.

“I bought the building right next door for right dollars per square foot,” said Don Day. “Now it’s worth about one hundred and eight dollars.”

A charming fact about downtown McKinney is most of the renovated buildings have been around since the 1800’s when people like Jesse James & Doc Holiday roamed these streets.

“So there was a lot of history that went on here,” said Don Day. “Its more than most people realize. We have done what we thought we could do to bring this very charming, beautiful place back to life.”

Don says there’s a big demand for more of this type of downtown living.

“We have a demand now for residential loft apartments around downtown,” said Don Day. “Those will be coming in the next couple of years.”

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