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Mud Run April 2010 DESCRIP1

Over three thousand and two hundred participants plus almost one thousand charity runners went running through the Trinity Trails in Fort Worth.

“You will not finish this race without being covered from head to toe in mud,” said Vice President of Business Development Mike Marshall.

This year’s run marks a decade of muddy fun. The DFW mud run is a bi-annual fundraiser. The event provides funding for the Young Marines Program in the DFW metroplex.

“What they really push through are the Marine Corp and principles of integrity and honesty,” said Marshall.

Mud Run April 2010 DESCRIP3

The runners are faced with a 10K race followed by 29 military style obstacles which is an appropriate way to give the contestants a taste of who they’re running for. Some had advice to share.

“Get in shape before you do it,” said mud runner Meghan Schubert.

The race has diverse participants: those who are testing the muddy waters like Angela Minchello.

“I don’t know what to expect,” said mud runner Angela Minchello. “I’m ready for it. Me and a few of my friends we’re just going to come out here and make the best of it.”

Those who dress to impress and will most certainly come out a mess like Dan Gilligan who showed up to the race wearing a tie.

“Well you see I’m wearing a tie that way I can kind of go against the grain to get to the first obstacle and tip it off,” said mud runner Dan Gilligan.

Mud Run April 2010 DESCRIP4

And the competitive runners that had one focus: victory. But it was pretty clear that all of the runners had a couple things in common. They weren’t afraid to get dirty and the various obstacles wouldn’t stop them from getting to the finish line.

“It’s just a real sense of accomplishment,” said mud runner Cathy Elkins. “You feel really great. You’ve done something.”

The next chance to get down and dirty will be this fall on November 6th and 7th. This time around it will be a two day event due to the incredible amount of participation.

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