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Kristine Kahanek DESCRIP1

“I feel invigorated by being an entrepreneur,” said author Kristine Kahanek. ” I love being my own boss. I love the freedom it gives me to be with my kids when I want to be with my kids and then focus on the business when I need to focus on the business.”

Kristine Kahanek spent 20 years between Austin and Dallas as a television meteorologist until her heart told her it was time to tune into something new.

“There was something inside me saying you need to find another path that will fulfill you because that one had stopped fulfilling me,” said Kahanek. “It was just becoming too much and did not really work with my life like I wanted it to.”

Visiting schools as a guest speaker, having two adolescent children of her own and still mourning the loss of her daughter Katherine made becoming a children’s author and building the main character around her own family’s guardian angel a very appropriate and meaningful transition.

“Sometimes when I’m out walking or out and have some alone time I think about Katherine. I say this is for you” said Kahanek.

Kristine Kahanek DESCRIP3

Her book, Katie and the Magic Umbrella, teaches children about the weather.

“There are so many kids that don’t understand that thunderstorms are a part of nature and they’re always going to happen,” said Kahanek. “I think when children understand the weather better they’re not so afraid of it. If we didn’t have storms we wouldn’t have green yards, flowers and trees. We need those storms. They have a purpose.”

And just like how storms have a purpose Kahanek says she is seeing how her books do too.

Kristine Kahanek DESCRIP2

“The parents are e-mailing me saying thank you so much for writing this book,” said Kahanek. “That’s exactly why I wrote the books. It’s been incredible and very satisfying because I feel like the books are serving their purpose.”

Kahanek’s first book has sold about ten thousand copies and has also given her a tangible way to honor the daughter she lost.

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