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New jeans providing comfort for women [HD]

Candice Benjamin
New jeans providing comfort for women [HD]

Cookie Johnson jeans DESCRIP1

Woven with a little bit of self-esteem is the best way Cookie Johnson says to describe her jeans. By zeroing in on the needs of a large majority of women the wife of NBA legend Magic Johnson has set her own path in the premium jean market. Johnson says finding a premium jean that fit her body was a major challenge.

“I would go into the stores trying to find something that fit,” said designer Cookie Johnson. “I have a butt. I have thighs and nothing would fit me.”

She decided to create her own jean starting with changing the jean industry.

“They only design one body type and it’s not fair because I know there’s other women out there with curves that would love to take part in this whole jean revolution,” said Johnson.

Now her jeans can be found at Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Bloomingdale’s and specialty stores across the country. Shoppers were eager to find a jean that actually fits their body.

Cookie Johnson jeans DESCRIP3

“I’ve tried on so many different brands in the Boyfriend jean and they just don’t hang right so I’m going to give Cookie a shot,” said shopper Mikki King.

Johnson says the secret to her luxury jeans is in the details.

“I added a silk waistband so it feels soft up against the skin and every jean has a stretch to them,” said Johnson. “We brought the back up a little bit higher so it fits over the curve in the back. We gave more room in the thighs. We tapered the waist in a bit so you don’t have all that gapping in the back.”

Cookie Johnson jeans DESCRIP2

Johnson’s jeans go from a size two to eighteen and she says there is no age limit in wearing her jeans.

“I teach kindergarten so it’s cool to wear these to work,” said shopper Karen Calhoun.

Each style of jean is labeled with an inspirational word like love, joy, faith and mercy. These words are inside the different style of Johnson’s jeans.

“What I’m finding as I’m out here in the stores and working with the costumers as their trying their jeans on is it’s more than that,” said Johnson. “They get so excited because they haven’t been able to wear a pair of jeans in years.”

“It fits perfect,” said King. “It fits in the waist which is the most horrible place to find a pair of jeans that fit and the stretch on the jean is perfect. It’s soft. It’s comfortable. It feels like I can wear it all day.”

Johnson says the most rewarding part for her is seeing the smiles on her customer’s faces.

“It’s just an extra incentive and to me the most special part of this jean,” said Johnson.

Johnson is trying to spread jean, comfort and joy around stores nationwide.

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