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Carly Patterson the 2004 All-Around Olympic champion and member of the U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame lives in a suburb of Dallas, Texas and she’s taking on a whole, new job. In 2006 after discovering some bulging discs in her back she decided to retire from gymnastics completely and tumble into something new.

“Wow, I’m not in the gym seven hours a day,” said singer Carly Patterson. “I have all this time. What do I do now? What am I suppose to do with myself?”

Patterson answered her own question by pursuing what she has always wanted to do.

“I sang since I was little and my dad was a singer,” said Patterson. “I had that passion for it. I just never had time.”


Support for singing from her family comes easy for Patterson but her iconic background with gymnastics actually causes road blocks for her in the music industry.

“I think a lot of people just saw me as Carly Patterson the gymnast and that I couldn’t do anything else,” said Patterson. “I feel like people have a lot of talents.”

And she has to work twice as hard to gain respect and recognition.

“I think they were kind of skeptical and automatically wrote me off because they’re like she thinks just because she won a gold model she can be a singer now,” said Patterson.

While the gymnastic competitions were extremely competitive Patterson says the new business she is pursuing is just as tough but she does have believers and proof of that is on the radio.


“I heard my song on the radio and them talking about it,” said Patterson. “I was like yay!”

And Patterson does more then just sing.

“I got to co-write over half the CD so I was really proud about that,” said Patterson.

And now she has something to put next to her gold medal.

“My CD came out and so I’ve been traveling like crazy,” said Patterson.

When I asked Patterson to sing on the spot she didn’t hesitate belting out a chorus her new single ‘Time to Wake up’.

From gold medalist to gold record only time will tell.

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