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Beefy With Personality – Mavs Maniacs!

Posted on: March 4, 2010, 2:34 pm

Cheri GarciaWritten by:

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You know who the Mavs Maniacs are if you have ever been to a Mavs game. Last night, I had the opportunity to hang out with the Mavs Maniacs just prior to the game tip off. I have always been curious to know what it takes to become a Maniac, so I asked a self-proclaimed “Proud Maniac”…. Rob Maiden. Rob described his Maniac position as a “blessing” because Mark Cuban planned for the Maniacs to add humor to the court as a one-time performance during playoffs of 2002. The crowd loved the Maniacs, and 9 years later, they are still on the court pumping up the crowd. Maiden explained to me that a typical night for his team would start with a feisty meal, focusing on their game face and screaming from the time of tip off to the sound of the buzzer at the end of the game. “Oh, and a little bit of dancing in between” he adds. Maiden told me that becoming a Mavs Maniac has changed his life. “You pluck a regular guy that goes to work everyday, the occasional high school basketball game, and put him in front of 20,000 fans… that will change a guy’s life.” Now that Maiden has been on the dynamic dance team for 8 seasons, he is the person to go to if you want to become a Maniac. “Hit as many buffets as possible and brush up on being wild and crazy when the lights are on you” He further advises: “First and foremost, we look for beefy, then personality. You have to have personality”. Auditions are held during August or September at the House of Blues, usually with celebrity judges. You must be at least 18 to try out, but there is no upper limit on age. “We have guys that range from age 23 to 56.” Maiden stated.If you want to try out to be a Mavs Maniac, Maiden has a message for you: “Come one, come all. We want you if you are beefy and can be taught a little dance.”

It wouldn’t be too bad to get paid to eat, hang out with Mavs dancers, and cheer for the Mavs…would it? Sounds like a good deal too me! If only I was a “beefy” male, I would be at the auditions this year…

Cheri Chafin

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  1. BigRob Says:

    What a nice story Cheri! Thanks so much! It was a pleasure meeting you and PLEASE stop by section 112 and say hi when you attend your next Mavs game!! Your Awesome!

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