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Baisden DESCRIP3

“We feel like we have a responsibility when something is going bad we really need to let you all know,” said national radio host Michael Baisden. “Let me tell you something is going very wrong right now with our kids.”

On September 24th, 2009 16-year-old honor student Derrion Albert was beaten to death while walking home from school. This act along with a rise of other cases involving kids killing kids is the final straw for national radio host Michael Baisden. Baisden has hit the road traveling from city to city, sounding the alarm to save kids across the country.

“Now here it is in front of the whole world is watching this kid being beat to death on television from our hometown,” said Baisden. “If that’s not going to get a reaction from you as a man to want to do something then what will?”

Baisden DESCRIP1

Baisden along with co-host George Wilborn are calling for one million mentors. They will travel to 72 cities nationwide encouraging Americans to sign up as mentor. Their first stop was Dallas, Texas. The Black Academy of Arts and Letters is the kick off place of Michael Baisden’s One Million Mentors Campaign. There are 4,000 kids in the Dallas/Fort worth metroplex area alone who need mentors and they’re hoping to make a dent in that figure today.

Todd Bristow with Big Brothers Big Sisters says the best way to help a child is with your time.

“Spending just four to six hours a month; 2 visits,” said Director of Resource Development of Big Brothers Big Sisters Todd Bristow. “A mentor can actually change the trajectory of that child’s life and even their families life.”

For students Hunter Smith and Eric Wright their mentor helps them to stay focused when coming from environments that aren’t so easy.

“People that are like lower and don’t really feel like they can make the change for themselves that’s like their motivation to keep going to keep trying,” said student Hunter Smith.

“My mentor is Mr. Hall,” said student Eric Wright Junior. “I’m with him right now that’s why we came here.”

Raydell Hall mentors young men in Dallas’ Youth Conversion Program which is a program that works with kids on probation.

“When you can show a kid something and you can teach a kid something and live that life before him then he will change,” said mentor Raydell Hall.

Baisden DESCRIP2
National Radio Host Michael Baisden

Baisden and Wilborn say they’re hoping for more of that change.

“They’re tired of people always telling them what to do and not showing them what to do,” said Baisden. “So we’re here to show you and your kids what to do.”

“I might be doing a great job with my son but if I really want to secure his future I have to go past just helping him and help some other kid as well,” said national radio co-host George Wilborn.

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