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Extreme garage makeover [HD]

Austin Wright
Extreme garage makeover [HD]

garage makeover DESRIP2

At first glance all looks normal at the Cory’s residence in Rockwall, Texas but a team of specialists have arrived in this quiet suburb of Dallas to do what may seem impossible; clean their garage. Team member David Goldstein from Easysale knows this case is going to be challenge.

“We’ve never seen anything quite like this,”said Easysale Vice President of Marketing David Goldstein. “We see storage units, garages and people that are hoarders but never one packed quite as full as this.”

Voted the messiest garage in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex Goldstein, volunteers, and a group of professional organizers lead by Trish Lengen are here to give the contest winning couple Clayton and Kathleen Cory a much needed, free, garage makeover.

“When we pulled up on Monday we kind of went oh my gosh,” said President of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) of Dallas/Fort Worth Trish Lengen. “We had pictures of the garage, but what we didn’t have was pictures of the driveway leading into the garage which was totally covered.”

Kathleen Cory says over the past few years here her husband Clayton who is known as the neighborhood handy man has acquired this wealth of garbage by just never throwing anything away.

“This is years and years of collecting things that need to be fixed because he can fix anything, and so he doesn’t like throwing anything away that he can fix,” said contest winner and wife Kathleen Cory.

garage makeover DESRIP

Another contest perk is items that the family doesn’t mind parting with will be listed and sold on eBay courtesy of David Goldstein and Easysale.

“Not only will they make a little bit of money but if this hadn’t been a volunteer project they would have made enough money to pay for the services of a professional organizer to come in and organize the garage,” said Goldstein.

The two day project required the team to work in frigid North Texas temperatures. It’s hard to believe that volunteers just started the project on Friday but after about twenty five volunteers have been working around the clock in twenty degree temperatures it’s actually starting to look like a garage again.

Nobody seems happier with that then the collector himself.

garage makeover DESRIP3
Garage makeover contest winner Clayton Cory helps clean his garage.

“It’s going to be amazing,” said contest winner and husband Clayton Cory. “I can actually find everything work on stuff. If I want to get to a tool I can actually reach it. It’s going to be in a toolbox organized with a label. I can actually have room to work on stuff instead of tripping over things.”

With their fifth child on the way and the garage no longer an issue the Cory’s are looking forward to focusing all their energy on a new nursery.

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