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How to “Battle the Bug”!

Posted on: June 12, 2009, 10:27 am

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This weekend The Kleenex Anti-Viral “Battle the Bug” tour is at the Fort Worth Zoo! The Battle the Bug tour is traveling around the country creating awareness on how to prevent the cold and flu viruses. 

This event will not only educate parents and their kids, but is fun too. There will be games like Whack a Bug, Trap a Bug, and Battle the Bug video game.

However, if your unable to attend then read Kelley Rathers blog below. Kelley is a Local School Nurse, R.N. from Hyer Elementary School who’s objective is keeping  kids healthy at home and school with just four easy steps.

Learn How To Battle the Bug Year Round at the Zoo
By: Kelley Rather, R.N. Hyer Elementary School

As a school nurse and a mother of two, I love every opportunity to share tips with
other mothers on keeping kids healthy.  Most people are not aware that cold and flu
season occurs year round – not just during the winter.  Summer is the perfect time
to work on healthy habits so that kids are ready when school starts back in the
fall.  I have teamed up with the folks at Kleenex Anti-Viral to help educate moms
and kids on staying cold and flu-free. The Kleenex Anti-Viral Battle the Bug exhibit
is at the Fort Worth Zoo now through Sunday featuring interactive, educational games
for kids to help increase their knowledge of flu fighting tools and tips.  I
encourage you to come out and see us and have fun while learning.

When asked what I do to keep my family cold and flu-free, I have several “pearls of
wisdom” that I like to share:

1)        Wash your hands often- especially before eating, after using the restroom, and
after playing outside.  I like to teach the “Happy Birthday” method.  Sing “Happy
Birthday” twice while washing your hands with soap and water.  This will take you
15-20 seconds which is the recommended amount of time to get your hands clean.

2)        Use facial tissues when you sneeze-The Center for Disease Control encourages
using facial tissues when you sneeze, cough or blow your nose to minimize cold and
flu viruses.  However, these viruses can live up to 24 hours on regular tissues so
using something like Kleenex Anti-Viral* which is the only tissue that’s
specifically designed to kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses* in the tissue, is a
good flu fighting option. They even have these little blue dots to distinguish them
from regular ones. This is great for moms who are constantly picking up family
members used tissues.

3)        Get Plenty of Rest and Drink Water: I also encourage moms and kids to get plenty
of rest and drink adequate fluids – this is effective in helping to boost your
immune system. 

4)        Don’t come to school when sick: A local Kleenex Anti-Viral survey revealed that
86% of moms agree that their child has gotten sick at school due to their “under the
weather” classmate. With this in mind, I ask moms to please keep kids home when
they’ve come down with the cold and flu – that way they are not spreading bugs to

Remember that reducing the spread of viruses is beneficial to everyone – healthy
kids are happy kids.  I hope to see everyone at the Fort Worth Zoo.  If you can’t
make it to the zoo, check out www.battlethebug.com for more info on combating cold
and flu bugs year round!


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