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Dogs converge in Highland Village

Austin Wright
Dogs converge in Highland Village


The Petco parking lot was a hub of activity as dog lovers arrived from all over the metroplex to give their furry companions a day of fun. Many owners watched their dogs go all out on the Rotary’s obstacle course while other dogs dazzled on lookers with a variety of tricks. Most of these north Texas canines were amazingly well behaved while others at times exhibited some unsportsmen like conduct. Take a look at the video above!

All of these pet owners would tell you that their dogs are genuine members of the family. Rotary member Reyna Castillo would agree. She finds it hard to picture what her life would be like without her four year old Airdale Terrior Max.

The Dog Walk is the first event to be put on by the new Rotary Club here in Highland Village. Highland Village Mayor and Rotary member Dianne Costa was also on scene enjoying the days festivities. The Rotary foundation is a nation wide organization with over a million members dedicated to upholding the motto service above self. Each chapter is required to find innovative ways to bring their community together while raising much needed funds for various local charities. Rotary applicants must meet a certain field of qualifications before they can become members.

“They look for people that are active in the community, that live or work in the area of the Rotary Club and that are going to give back,” said Club President Barb Ross. “That’s the whole spirit of the Rotary Club is service above self is the motto.”

Even though the afternoon was dedicated to fun and games several representatives of local humane societies were hard at work trying to find new families for some needy pets. For people that would like to have a dog but face demanding schedules that make it difficult to allow them to adopt the Hope for Humane Society offers them to take a dog home for the weekend. Each dog has received their shots, are fixed, and excellent with family interaction. Unlike your latest movie rental it would be completely acceptable if you decide to keep them.

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Austin Wright

This story was reported by: Austin Wright (15 Videos)

Hello DFW my name is Austin Wright and I'm proud to say that I was born and raised right here In North Texas. I come from a huge family that is made up of some of the most remarkable people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. They say everything is bigger in Texas and the Wright family is no exception. Dreams as we know are an important part of life but in order to truly sleep sound at night we must turn our dreams into reality and live them. Aviation has always been a dream of mine and after graduating from Eastern Hills in 2001 I hit the ground running and eventually earned my wings. For the past six years I've piloted corporate jets all over the world. My travels have allowed me to walk the streets of some amazing cities. However no matter where I am Dallas will always be home. Like flying broadcasting has always been another passion of mine. I'm excited to be a member of this very talented news team and I look forward to upholding our long standing tradition of bringing the DFW community positive, upbeat news.


6 Responses to “Dogs converge in Highland Village”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    Great piece Austin! Fun, friendly and factual – you were all of them!

  2. Lindsey Drass Says:

    This is such an outstanding piece! I know your Dad is very proud!

  3. Glen Says:

    Very interesting. I can’t believe how many volunteers are involved in this program for the dogs. Great to see communities coming together for a great cause. Keep up the positive reporting!

  4. Ron Calvert Says:

    Nice job Austin! Good piece!

  5. Dog Lover Says:

    I myself was very disapointed in the HV Rotary club. The animal rescue community had to throw a small fit when the Rotary Club at first decided that the proceeds would NOT go to the animals as we were first told. The fact that they decided at a later time to donate the funds to low cost vacinations, spay & neuter came way too late for the rescue groups that worked extremely hard to make the day a success.

  6. Victor Ñañez Says:

    I did not see Lady Godiva… I met her while I was in the States and she was a real lady. Greetings from Peru! Good job Rotarian friends!

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