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Six mile mud run in Fort Worth

Kimberly Torres
Six mile mud run in Fort Worth

Want to get dirty and have fun? Then this is for you! It’s the 2009 Mud Run for charity. Thousands from all over descend upon DFW for this event. It’s a 6-mile course featuring over a dozen obstacles. The catch? It’s a boot-camp style course consisting entirely of mud.

Proceeds are donated to various charities around DFW. For a dirty time check out www.mudrundfw.com and sign up for the next race taking place on Saturday, November 7th, 2009 in Forth Worth on the Trinity River Trail. Take a look at the video above!

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Kimberly Torres

This story was reported by: Kimberly Torres (1 Videos)

Notre Dame Football, indoor soccer and comedy clubs that’s me, Kimberly Torres, in a nutshell. Before joining the DFWReporting.com team, I braved the snow and bitter cold winters in South Bend, Indiana, where I reported news and sports at NBC affiliate station, WNDU. While there I worked on stories involving former president George W. Bush, Mohammed Ali and Irish head football coach Charlie Weis. It was here that I fulfilled one of my life-long dreams to be a sideline reporter at Notre Dame home football games. I got my start in TV news in my hometown station, CBS affiliate, KLST. There I produced morning and weekend newscasts and also reported for a Hispanic news magazine, “Nosotros.” After three years, I made the move to NBC affiliate, KRBC, in Abilene, Texas. There I learned the ins and outs of anchoring a newscast as the station’s weekend anchor. I also created my own franchise piece called, “Do My Job for a Day.” I had the time of my life doing that piece as I performed and reported on various jobs like: Johnny Carinos chef, septic tank cleaner, police dog trainer, etc. Today, I’m back in the Lone Star State and ready to put my seven years of broadcast skills to the Texas test! “Not so depressing news” is what I’m looking forward to reporting. I can’t wait to concentrate on Friday Night football games, more college football, the Dallas Cowboys and other good news stories. I want to be the kind of reporter the metroplex wants; one that makes you feel like I’m sitting on your couch with you, sharing the news of our community. In my spare time, I’m most likely at a indoor soccer complex, working out, or vegging out on the couch. My favorite night time activity is going to a comedy club or karaoke bar.


5 Responses to “Six mile mud run in Fort Worth”

  1. J Money Says:

    Dirty Fun… This looks like a blast and I will for sure be participating in the next Mud Run for sure.

  2. Carlo Capua Says:

    This was a blast! Thanks for the great promo video and for editing out the part where I fell in the hole underwater.

  3. Kem Says:

    This was the most fun I have had at a race! Great video, thanks! :)

  4. meika Says:

    Have yall already set a date for the fun run yall are having in the spring of 2010?

  5. G. Wayne Clayton -SocialMarketingExpert Says:

    I remember watching on WNDU-TV Ch16. You moved a bit too early…had you stayed you would’ve REALLY experienced a snowy and bitterly cold winter this year. Glad you’re in a warmer region.

    G. Wayne Clayton
    Mishawaka Indiana

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