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Lynnsey Ross

Lynnsey Ross


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Lynnsey Ross is a dynamic journalist with a broad range of coverage. Ross graduated with honors from Southern Methodist University with degrees in Psychology and Broadcast Journalism. She also received the Kappa Tau Alpha most distinguished Student Journalism Award. Upon graduation she went to work for the Director of Graduate Studies in Psychology and helped test children for learning disabilities and academic strengths. While Ross enjoyed working in psychology, she missed the excitement and spontaneity that comes with Journalism. So she packed her bags and moved to Boston, to attend Boston University’s School of Communications. While in Boston, Ross reported and produced pieces for a local public television station, Neighborhood Network News and CNN also picked up one of her stories on Election Day 2008. Ross also taught several Journalism classes and acted as a web master for the Boston University Statehouse program. Upon graduation she moved back to Dallas to begin working as Editor-in-Chief of the Dallas website, 50listed.com. When not covering news and events around Dallas, don’t be surprised if you see Ross out on the golf course working on her game. She loves being outdoors, horse riding, playing board games and spending time with friends and family. She’s an avid runner and hopes to one day run in the Boston Marathon.


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