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Jeni Maldonado

Jeni Maldonado

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Hey Dallas! My name is Jeni Maldonado and I recently moved to Dallas/Fort Worth from San Francisco, CA. My reporting career began in the fourth grade when I was my elementary school’s sports reporter. Since then, there was never a question of what I wanted to become when I grew up. I received my degree in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University. During school I took advantage of everything the Bay Area had to offer and interned with the Oakland Raiders, the Oakland A’s, FSN Bay Area and ESPN. For the last three years I have worked as a sports reporter for College Sports Report and VidSF.com where I perfected working as a “one-man-band.” I’m so excited to experience all DFW has to offer and am proud to part of such an amazing team. Please send me your story ideas as well as places for me to check out!


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