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Sports training is changing for young athletes

Angela Hamann
Sports training is changing for young athletes

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In today’s world of competitive sports, it seems young athletes can no longer get by with the basics.  To fulfill their dreams of playing in college and the pros, they must put in extra work.

“The landscape is so competitive now in the sports market you have to be different,” said Clay Mack, Co-Owner of Quick Twitch Training. “You can’t blend in so that’s why we spend the time to do this.”

Clay Mack is one of the Founders of Quick Twitch and Xplod Training, two football skill set development companies that work with prep, college and professional athletes.  A former college football player, Mack and his fellow coaches train their students to be sharper physically, by working on control and agility, and mentally, by practicing confidence and focus.

“The first year I worked with him in the few months I saw a major a change,” said Cedar Hill Wide Receiver D’Aundrey Bradley.

“Still to this day I’ve never seen anybody who breaks it down and puts it as crisp as he does,” said Edmond Santa Fe Safety Ashton Preston.  “That’s why we’re here.”

While Mack does coach a list of college and professional athletes, one of his biggest focuses remains constant. He continues to help high school athletes make it to the next level.

“We have theses skill clinics every week to try to touch up guys and make them more fundamentally sound and just kind of clean them up a little bit so they can be more attractive to college scouts so they can get recruited,” said Mack.

Jamal Adams, a standout defensive back from Hebron High School, started working with Coach Mack in the 8th grade.  In Adams’ senior year, he was one of the top defensive recruits in the nation and recently signed with LSU to play college football.  Adams says Coach Mack and Quick Twitch Traninng are a huge part of who he is today.

I came here to keep working with Coach Mack, the best of the best, to get better at my craft,” said Adams.

Adams is just one of many success stories developed through Quick Twitch Training.  Over the last two and half years Coach Mack has seen over forty five players sign college scholarships and his students are his biggest advocates.

“I would recommend this to anybody,” said Bradley. “Any good or bad player.”

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  1. Rashmi Says:

    i’m so glad you had such a wonderful trip home fileld with so many great memories. those photos of mack are amazing – his eyes are beautiful and so so blue. i love the photo of him and b at the parade (his bib is adorable)!ahh, utah. i can’t wait to go back again someday. have a relaxing night, carlia!thank you for all your love. <3xoxoxmaria

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