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After a ribbon cutting Operation Kindness officially opened an expansion to its facility that will allow it to save more, large dogs.

“It’s amazing,” said Sherwin Daryani, Executive Director of Operation Kindness. “It’s something that I was hoping for a few years down the road and for Norma to come and make it happen so quickly for us was incredible.”

Norma is Norma Carney who wanted to do something to help Operation Kindness after she and her husband found Bear their dog.

“We took him home to take care of him until he could find a home and we fell in love with him,” said Carney. “We couldn’t give him up and he’s been the joy of our lives for eight and a half years.”

And in honor of her Great Pyrenees, Carney asked that the expansion be called Bear’s Den.

“He has meant so much to us,” said Carney. “I wanted to make it possible to save more, large dogs and Operation Kindness wanted to expand their dog area so it was meant to happen.”

Carney donated the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars needed for the expansion and Daryani was literally floored.

“Once I got up off the floor, I told her thank you so much and we’ll do it,” said Daryani.

Bear’s Den will double the shelter’s capacity for big dogs and increase small dog capacity by fifty percent. Daryani estimates that the increased space will allow Operation Kindness to save an additional eight hundred animals a year. The oldest and largest no kill shelter in North Texas hopes Carney’s donations will help it continue to do that for years to come.

Watch the video in HD above produced by our News Without The Blues team – the only news team in Texas that only reports on positive news! The video was reported by Journalist Chris Blake.

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One Response to “Increased space at Operation Kindness will save hundreds of animals [HD]”

  1. Dolores Trousdale Says:

    Awesome video — wish there could be more people like that and more shelters like that.
    I’m filling in for our animal control person while she’s having knee surgery. We’re a small town and a small shelter. we have some neat dogs that I hope to get adopted to good homes. They all deserve a good family and home.

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