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Carol Freeman lost the ability to use her right arm properly and had trouble sleeping.

“I like to sleep on my right side but when I turn over there I can’t get it situated,” said Freeman.

Her doctor diagnosed her with frozen shoulder a condition that confines range of motion in the shoulder and is something many physicians don’t like to mess with.

“I can treat it,” said Doctor Patricia McCord. “I don’t really enjoy it because the person is miserable. I try to do the best I can.”

So when Freeman and McCord heard about Doctor Francis Murphy’s emerging treatment they went to Parker College in Dallas to one of Murphy’s workshops to see what they could find out.

“Everybody had been looking in the wrong place,” said Murphy, President of OTZ Health Education Systems. “Once I found this malfunction of the skull on the spine I wrapped my mind around a way to correct it.”

Murphy admits when he tried his new procedure on a patient for the first time he was a bit nervous. But then it worked.

“Then I thought to myself “holy crow” could this be the true cause of frozen shoulder syndrome,” said Murphy.

Murphy started to look for more patients to see if he could reproduce the procedure’s results and he did – thirteen times in a row. Murphy also fixed Freeman’s frozen shoulder.

“This is an answer to prayer,” said Freeman.

“I’ve never had such good, neurological information in all the years that I’ve been taking practice since I graduated twenty years ago,” said McCord.

Murphy says his frozen shoulder treatment will remain his hypothesis until doctors publish more research.

Watch the video in HD above produced by our News Without The Blues team – the only news team in Texas that only reports on positive news! The video was reported by Journalist Chris Blake and shot by Videographer Chris Ghanbari.

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