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From staple stores like Neiman Marcus to small boutiques to local designers fashion can certainly be found in Dallas. That’s why native North Texan Lisa Petty has created DFW Style Daily a website where you can go to find anything and everything about fashion and what to wear.

“The men’s style here in Dallas tends to be some what conservative,” said DFW Style Daily Men’s Contributor Jim Duran. “A lot of people when they think they are dressing fashionable it’s still within a conservative, preppy genre.”

“There a dichotomy in the world of fashion reporting,” said DFW Style Founder Lisa Petty. “It’s kind of cutesy like omg and aren’t these shoe cute and that’s not helping anybody. Or you go to the extreme opposite and it’s very official and it’s sort of elitist. It feels like an inaccessible society and so I think that what we try to do is we make it fun but we also make it informative. At the heart of what we do is the fact that much like dining getting dressed is something you have to do every day but it also can be one of life’s great pleasures.”

So whether you’re a man, a woman, you’re just looking to accessorize that black dress or you want to know the latest trends to wear to the next social event DFW Style Daily may be the place where you can find the answer.

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