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Art, love and magic are three simple words that mean recognition for nearly one thousand local artists and musicians.

“There is an amazing wealth of talent and bands in Dallas, in every genre you can imagine,” said Founder of ArtLoveMagic Michael Lagocki. “I think there’s a staggering amount of undeveloped talent out here and I would like to expose more people to it and strengthen it.”

An organization in Deep Ellum known as ArtLoveMagic has been positively impacting the artistic community since 2007.

“I want to make artists sustainable and feel better and be involved in good things and be blessing the areas that they live in,” said Lagocki.

Eddie Walker, air-brush artist and creator of the mural called, “She is Deep Ellum, Texas” is grateful to the dedication shown by ArtLoveMagic.

“ArtLoveMagic has simply given the artist a avenue to break into what they want to do in their art, in their field and from there we’ve seen many people take that opportunity and just run with it,” said Walker.

On the first Friday of every month ArtLoveMagic hosts a live art and open mic night that takes place in Deep Ellum and is open to anyone who is interested.

“Artists are weird people by tradition and it’s just who we are,” said Lagocki. “When you get a bunch of us in the room together and you take down the fences amazing things happen.”

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16 Responses to “Deep Ellum has people with hearts for the arts [HD]”

  1. Heidi Riedel Says:

    Great story!

  2. Bob Blalock Says:

    Great interview as always and proud to be one of
    those lucky fellows to have had the pleasure of
    watching you become the wonderful,sweet lady that
    you are……….BB

  3. Andrew Butter Says:

    Nice little movie – up-lifting, wish it had been longer.

  4. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    Thanks so much, Bob! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s really fun for me to share these videos with my family friends :)

  5. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    Thanks Andrew! I really appreciate the comment!

  6. Carole Miller Says:

    Love it. We need more positive reporting like this.

  7. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    I agree, Carole! Thanks a bunch!

  8. VanessaB Says:

    Super story! I’d watch more news if it had more happy in it like this! Great job Eryn!!

  9. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    Thank you, Vanessa!

  10. Hooman Says:

    very nice story. very good presentation!

  11. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

  12. Janeen Van Valkenburg Says:


    LOVE IT:) good news, yeah!!! I have been forwarding these emails sent to me by your mom. Keep up the good work girl:)

  13. Carla Zeller Says:

    Positive news from the most Beautiful Lady in Dallas. Keep up the great work. You are the best. Great Presentation..Love, Carla

  14. Francesca Says:

    Outstanding Work. Lovely voice.

  15. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    Thank you Fran! Appreciate your comments!

  16. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    THank you, Carla! I appreciate your sweet comments and encouragement!

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