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New lenses offer hope to visually impaired [HD]

Katherine Lane
New lenses offer hope to visually impaired [HD]

It is the beginning of the school year and for many students, that can be a very trying time. Visually impaired students struggle with tasks like reading, and seeing the board. That’s why a company called ChromaGen™ has developed colored lenses that are correcting some vision impairments.

The colored lenses, or filters, allows the eyes to work together better by slowing down the information pathway to the brain. It’s a theory that’s been around for twenty years. The ChromaGen™ evaluation starts with a child or individual reading groups of twenty words, placed randomly on a card for two minutes. The physicians listen for fluency, skipping words, mispronunciation, or reversing letters.

Then sixteen filters are placed in front of each eye. The child is asked to choose which filter makes words easier to see and pronounce. The reading test is repeated with the different colored lenses on. Some experts say the results of the tests are improved by between twenty to one hundred percent, allowing students to pass more standardized tests and improving grades and confidence.

“Typically if they’re a good candidate for the lenses it’s a wow effect,” said Optometrist Carrie Alfieri. “It’s an instantaneous effect. I have had parents just sobbing. I have had parents come back within weeks saying that this is a new child that this is a totally different child.”

The best candidates for ChromaGen™ have symptoms like double vision, trouble focusing and seeing words that look like they’re banging together. Some experts say those symptoms exist because the eyes aren’t working together properly. Dozens of patients have been treated in North Texas and are using ChromaGen™ lenses today with great success.

ChromaGen™ lenses aren’t just limited to children. They may work for anyone experiencing any of these symptoms.

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