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Eleven-year-old Forney resident Caroline Gonzalez spent her time as Mayor for a day spreading the contagious Bieber fever. Gonzalez won a contest offering Forney residents the opportunity to dive head first into local government. She was given the honor of naming a street in her hometown after Justin Bieber.

“If Justin Bieber was actually here I’d probably faint,” said Caroline Gonzalez.

Her reason was simple.

“I like his music,” said Gonzalez.

“We’ll have Justin Beiber Way and Taylor Swift Boulevard,” said Forney Mayor Darren Rozell.

Rozell said he was shocked at how the story of his Texas town’s newly named road had spread.

“London has picked this up,” said Rozell. “The Washington Post, E! Online, and more. It’s national coverage.”

Gonzalez said if her mayoral duties involved telling Bieber why he would like Forney she would base her selling points on her favorite parts of the town she loves.

“Just being able to play sports and knowing everyone around town,” said Gonzalez.

Mayor Rozell believes the message behind the contest will leave a longer, lasting impression on Gonzalez then the freedom to change the name of Forney’s Main Street.

“I asked her if she would ever consider running for City Council after this and she said yeah probably,” said Rozell. “I said what about Mayor? Would you ever run for Mayor? She said I’d have to think about it.”

For Forney residents who aren’t so hip on the teen, pop sensation never fear. Mayor Rozell said the street name will go back to Main Street soon.

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