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Safe haven for abused animals [HD]

Ashley Roberts
Safe haven for abused animals [HD]

Misty has endured a lot of pain and suffering. She is a horse that now lives at Ranch Hand Rescue in Argyle.

“They come to us with many problems,” said Founder of Ranch Hand Rescue Bob Williams.

Volunteers at this nonprofit animal sanctuary care for abused and neglected horses, donkeys and dozens of other animals. Right now they are seeing a lot of starvation cases because of the drought.

“We take the ones that nobody else wants to invest the time or the love in and we bring them back to health,” said Williams.

Williams started this ranch back in April 2008. After surviving a stroke five years ago he wanted to do something he loves. Now he helps animals twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

“We see every living creature as one of God’s creatures,” said Williams.

“I really enjoy it,” said Caregiver Vance Eversole. “Saving the animals is more than I can explain.”

Inspiration is around every corner at this ranch and although many of these animals have a long road to recovery it’s almost as if their spirits change the moment they arrive.

“They know they’ve been saved,” said Williams. “It’s amazing.”

With more donations Ranch Hand Rescue can help save many more animals that are waiting to be healed.

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3 Responses to “Safe haven for abused animals [HD]”

  1. Kim Thomas Says:


    Thank you for the great story and for taking the time to come out! You are awesome. We really appreciate your help in getting word out about our work at Ranch Hand Rescue. Bob has a heart bigger than the state of Texas! He is very passionate about his work. Our focus currently is to increase donations so we don’t have to turn anyone away, to make sure that those responsible for the abuse/neglect are prosecuted, and to increase awareness in the community and with legislators of the horrors that occur. We truly believe God places these special animals in our care to love and rehabilitate. The animals, in turn, reach out to others and provide a calm and healing in the lives of all who meet them. I really enjoyed meeting you the day you came out to film Lilly and Midnite. Please bring your husband and son out to visit sometime. God bless you!

  2. Steve Says:

    Ashley, Thank you for reporting on the great work Ranch Hand Rescue is doing with abused and neglected animals. Was glad to see Honey Boy (rescued from near Brownwood) included in the report. Honey Boy looks like he is responding well to the love and proper care that Bob and Staff are ensuring.

    Ranch Owners Push for Crackdown on Animal Abuse

  3. Safe Haven for Abused Animals- DFW Reporting- August 12, 2011 « Ranch Hand Rescue Blog Says:

    […] Safe haven for abused animals [HD] […]

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