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Water infused with fruit and herbs [HD]

Water infused with fruit and herbs [HD]

Amid a culture consumed by fad diets, there is still one agreed upon truth when it comes to our health: nature knows best. Yes, we’re talking about water. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, author Pam Wenzel takes it back to the basics. Her book Spa Water gives you a whole new outlook on hydration. Because let’s face it, young and old taste buds alike, generally agree that water isn’t the most exciting thing to drink. Wenzel was signing her book at Equinox in Dallas.

“Just the fact that making water look more appealing may increase peoples chances of drinking more water,” said Pam Wenzel.

And that’s exactly what Wenzel has set out to do with her fruit, herb, and flower-infused water recipes in the book Spa Water. The concept started at a resort in New Mexico, on a trip with her husband.

“In the lobby, they had this beautiful, gorgeous beverage server,” said Wenzel. “My first thought was, I need this in my kitchen. But after we started drinking the water, I started thinking, I need to make this at home. Maybe I can get my kids to drink more water and we can live a healthier lifestyle.”

She hopes to send a message to all generations, particularly youth, that proper hydration can prevent everyday illnesses such as headaches, muscle cramps, allergies and digestive problems. More importantly, it can help in preventing a number of serious diseases.

“I had breast cancer,” said Wenzel. “A lot of people could avoid that if they knew how important water was.”

When faced with so many appealing options on store shelves today, picking up a glass of water can prove impossible. Spa Water might be the solution to this challenge so many Americans face.

“It’s clean,” said customer Fred Merrill. “Spa Water is very clean and tasty.”

“The fruit makes it more exciting and it can even make you crave it sometimes,” said Pam’s son Palmer Wenzel.

Wenzel’s daughter confesses, although her friends drink Spa Water, they don’t yet fully understand the new hydration craze.

“They think it’s kind of weird, but it tastes a lot better,” said Stevie Wenzel. “You can’t do anything with soda. With Spa Water you can do anything you want.”

Understood or not, if it leads to a hydrated and healthier America, then Wenzel’s mission is accomplished.

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