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In many cases it’s safe to say the camera isn’t for everybody. That’s why Sandra Dee Robinson came to Dallas to teach women a little bit about what she calls Charisma On Camera.

“I’m from Los Angeles and I’m here at the E Women Network Conference,” said Sandra Robinson. “It’s my first time here and I’m really excited because it’s a absolutely wonderful crowd and I get to hang out with a giant group of fabulous women entrepreneurs today and show them how they can feel and look like rock stars in front of a camera.”

At the conference Robinson encouraged women to use video in order to take their businesses to a more personal level.

“That’s what video does,” said Robinson. “It really creates that sense of closeness of being in a relationship with you even though we haven’t even maybe sat in a room with you.”

Robinson welcomed a few brave women on stage to face their fears and perfect their on-camera skills. She included an easy trick to appear ten pounds slimmer in front of the camera. She also offered a tip to fighting the stomach butterflies that might appear while standing in front of a camera.

“In order to forget about what’s going on in here and stop fighting with the fear that’s talking in your head really think about the message that you want to get across to the audience and just focus on that,” said Robinson. “Focus on what you can do for the person that needs the information.”

The women who attended the conference walked away with a little more confidence and a little less camera-shy.

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4 Responses to “Confidence in front of the video camera [HD]”

  1. Nina Fay Says:

    Very interesting story. I will be more aware of how I stand! I’m sure the advice would work in any walk of life. Keep up the good work Eryn!
    PS. I love that picture of you. Did I say that before?

  2. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    Thanks Nina! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

    PS. I owe everything to my photographer, my sister! :)

  3. Joanna Garzilli Says:

    It was a great session!Sandra Dee Robinson gave me a good anchoring technique on stage and since returning from eWomen conference I’ve shot 8 new videos and launched my YouTube channel Joanna Garzilli Confessions of a Psychic.

  4. Eryn Van Valkenburg Says:

    That’s great Joanna! Congratulations on your success with video!

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