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If you’ve purchased a home in the last ten years, chances are you drove around searching for houses with for-sale signs and flyers, read the classifieds, or searched the Internet. And in the last ten years, you’ve probably noticed how modern technology has changed the way people shop for houses.

“Up until about eight years ago real estate shopping was primarily done through classified ads, print ads and television commercials,” said eFastinfo Founder Max Knake. “Then eight years ago web took off, and real estate went from everything not being online to everything being online. Now every single agent has a website and all their properties are on that website.”

But having a website may not be enough these days. More and more people rely on their smart phones, and Knake says he’s created the mobile solution for the housing market.

“With the introduction of the iPhone, and the Android and all the other mobile technology, real estate shoppers can get all that info on their smart phone in one easy step,” said Knake.

This new mobile tool is called eFastinfo and it gives shoppers 3 options for instant information on listed properties. They can use the map at efastmobile.com, the QR codes, or, they can simply send an email.

“With this you can just type in an email address, you get it right away, and it’s just so convenient,” said shopper Juliet Sun. “I do everything on my phone and my computer anyway.”

“Instantly the shopper receives the list price, the square foot, the beds, the baths, all the information on schools, and most importantly all the pictures, because at the end of the day pictures are the number one thing shoppers want,” said Knake.

This innovative idea can be a perk for any shopper with a smart phone. With a simple e-mail, or touch of a button, people can learn every feature about a home, without ever stepping foot inside. But Knake says much of eFastInfo’s success depends on realtors using it for marketing.

“We can create content for your listings that is relevant to your mobile shoppers,” said Knake. “The reason they would partner with us is we give them all these mobile services for nothing. Once we connect a mobile shopper to you, the agent, that’s when we charge.”

Realtor Richard Davis uses eFastinfo as a marketing tool for his listings. He says he appreciates only being charged on a results basis.

“In this environment when properties are so hard to sell, most agents are trying to look for marketing that doesn’t cost them anything,” said Richard Davis.

While eFastinfo isn’t the only way to receive listing information on cell phones, Davis says it’s one of the most effective tools he uses.

“The other feature that’s out there is the texting feature,” said Davis. “What I don’t like about the texting feature is it doesn’t allow me to easily get back in touch with those people once they’ve pinged the sign. Because this is an e-mail based feature, I’ve captured their e-mail address and it allows me to effectively re-communicate with these people.”

Davis says communicating quickly with prospective buyers is important, but can also be challenging. With instant information and updates from eFastinfo, he hopes it will help buyers stay up-to-date with homes they’re interested in.

“Because this feature is linked to the MLS, when there’s a price reduction everybody that’s pinged that sign it sends the information to the prospects for you,” said Davis. “This is an asset without a doubt that you can’t do with out.”

Knake says this will make home buying and selling easier for everyone. He believes eFastinfo is the mobile solution to meet consumer demands for instant information.

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