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New float tans body faster [HD]

Katherine Lane
New float tans body faster [HD]

Cheri Garcia is a 24-year-old entreprenuer who is watching her sun tanning invention come to life.

“It enhances the sun rays so you get tan faster and more evenly than any type of other regular float that doesnt have reflective material built inside of it,” said inventor Cheri Garcia.

It is called Luminous Envy which is a float designed to catch more rays on your front, back, and sides, for a full coverage summer glow. But this float didn’t take off without some struggles.

“I called hundreds and hundreds of factories all over the U.S.,” said Garcia. “They all wanted a hundred thousand dollars upfront just to start the project.”

Through networking and research, she found Lynne Malkoff, who has helped other bright ideas like the Luminous Envy find their footing in the world of merchandise. The two have worked closely with a factory in China to manufacture the float.

“She redesigned this herself,” said Lynne Malkoff. “We got the fabrics for her. We put it all together for her and she took it to Puerto Rico and tested it. She was such a happy camper, she really was.”

Garcia acknowledges there are risks when it comes to sun exposure, but hopes this float will get avid tanners out of the tanning bed, and outside to soak up some natural sunlight.

“Scientists and doctors do say that fifteen minutes of Vitamin D a day is vital, and with this float, you only have to lay on it for about fifteen minutes to get a good tan,” said Garcia.

The float costs ninety nine dollars.

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4 Responses to “New float tans body faster [HD]”

  1. sarah Says:

    Aw great job Cherie, this is awesome

  2. Amber burkhead Says:

    Love I don’t even have one yet but can’t wait to get mine.

  3. Terri Says:

    Can’t wait to get one!!

  4. Dallas SEO Guru Says:

    What an awesome idea. I wonder what keeps it from getting too hot and popping the inflatable raft?

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